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  1. defray
  2. first off
  3. conservative
  4. deadhead
  5. rabid fans
  1. a a fan of the music band the Grateful Dead
  2. b people who really like something are 'rabid fans' of it
  3. c people who do not like change
  4. d to pay for
  5. e first of all

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  1. a traveling marketplace
  2. it was really amazing
  3. an American rock and roll band
  4. to think about something that has happened
  5. I am listening

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  1. follow through (with something)to do (something)


  2. coppolice


  3. jeez, oh man, oh my gosh, oh my god, wowdeciding what something is like by how it looks


  4. wanted to run by memade me interested in something


  5. your guess is as good as minemade me interested in something