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  1. wanted to run by me
  2. it was really something
  3. conservative
  4. bohemian gypsies
  5. rabid fans
  1. a wanted to tell me about
  2. b people who really like something are 'rabid fans' of it
  3. c traveling artists
  4. d people who do not like change
  5. e it was really amazing

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  1. person (people) with long hair
  2. a group of people who has strong beliefs about something
  3. a traveling marketplace
  4. viewpoint
  5. when I was not there

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  1. drew (me) to the scenemade me interested in something


  2. follow through (with something)to do (something)


  3. travel arounda place to sleep in a tent in woods


  4. judging the book by its covermade me interested in something


  5. I figuredI thought