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  1. it's (such) a small world
  2. clean-cut
  3. run into
  4. defray
  5. standpoint
  1. a to pay for
  2. b viewpoint
  3. c to unexpectedly see someone
  4. d said when you are surprised to see another person you know at a place you did not expect to see them
  5. e short hair and dressed nicely

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  1. traveling artists
  2. bother
  3. police
  4. a place to sleep in a tent in woods
  5. a flexible pipe for conveying a liquid or gas

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  1. it was really somethingit was really amazing


  2. while I was outwhen I was not there


  3. bazaarbother


  4. Grateful Deadgo from one place to another place


  5. on the roadtraveling


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