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a commercial concern

a business or company

a mounting concern

increasing or growing anxiety

a pattern of concealment

a period of time when efforts were made to hide facts or the truth

to accuse sy of doing sg

to say that someone has done something wrong or committed a crime

to contend with sg

to cope or deal with


increase in size or intensity


not talking or answering questions in an honest way

to grapple with sg

to try hard to understand a difficult idea or to solve a difficult problem

handling of sg (the crisis)

the way in which someone deals with a particular situation, problem, or person

to have yet to do sg

used for saying that something has not happened or been done up to the present time, especially when you think it should have happened or been done


not to know all the facts of what happened

in particular


to keep sy in the dark

make certain they were not fully up to date about what happened


a small mistake or failure

to be levelled

to be made against them

to stave off

to prevent or avoid sg

to take the lead

to accept responsibility for dealing with a situation

utility company

a company providing public service such as gas, water, or electricity that is used by everyone


1.a feeling of worry
2.something that you think is important
3.a business


when something is hidden

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