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Alan Ayckbourn

• Like Neil Simon
• House & Garden
o 2 different shows, same cast, performing at the same time in two different theatres

David Hare

• Started on Fringe theatre, now at National Theatre
• Was a leftist in politics
• Theme: how the desire to gain and maintain power & wealth undermine & destroy personal integrity, shared values, & concern for common good
o Ex: Plenty (1978)
• 1990s: trilogy about major British institutions (religion, legal, political)

Caryl Churchill

• Used collective creation
• Cloud Nine (1979)
o Act 1: colonial Victorian era Africa
o Act 2: contemporary London, 100 years later but the characters are only 25 years older
o Imaginative play
o Uses cross gender casting to explore gender roles and repression
• Top Girls (1982)
o Gender and social issues

Peter Schaffer

• Amadeus (1979)
• Equus (1973)
o Questions how a Normal life can deaden the spirit and passion

Harold Pinter

• The seemingly every day is mixed with mystery and menace
o Unexplained ambiguous motivation
• The Birthday Party
• Speech used to conceal rather than reveal
• "Pinter pause" = silence filled with subtext
• The Homecoming (1965)
o Considered his best play
• Old Times (1971) watched clip

Tom Stoppard

• Comedy of ideas
• Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (1967)
o Spin-off of Hamlet
o watched clip
• Jumpers (1972)
o Murder mystery farce which debuts existence of God and moral absolutes
o Refers to jump one takes to God and acrobatics
o Won Best New Play in London
• Travesties (1974)
o Debates function of art and role of artist
o Won Best New Play in London
• The Real Thing (1982)
o Love and marriage
o His most emotional and realistic play
• Arcadia (1993)
o Chaos theory

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