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In times of national emergency...

the powers of the presidency are strengthend

Congress has delegated a great deal of authority to the president because...

congress has time to provide only general outlines for public policy

All U.S. Presidents have taken a broad view of their powers. T or F


In its early stages, industrialization weakened the power of the presidency. T or F


As american society has become more complex, the American people have...

looked to the Federal Government and the President for leadership

At the Philadelphia Convention, some of the Framers argued that the president should be subordinate to congress. T or F


The scope of a president's power depends largely on the views of the President. T or F


Accusations that the nation has an imperial presidency have been made because some presidents...

have taken strong action without consulting congress

"I did greatly broaden the use of executive power... [I] acted for the public welfare... unless prevented by direct constitutional or legislative prohibition. Who of the following disagree with the view of the presidency?"

William Howard Taft

One reason that presidentital power has grown is the president's ability to command the attention of the mass media. T or F


The ___gives the president the power to appoint ambassadors.


The ___ must confirm most of the prsidents appointments.


a presidential directive called a(n) ___ has the force of law.

executive order

The president must take the ___ on the day he takes office

oath of office

The constitution has ruled that the president's ___ may be limited

ordinance power

If a president does not agree with a federal law, he or she...

must carry it out, but has some leeway in how strongly he or she enforces it

The president's ordinance power comes from...

the constitution and congress

The rule of senatorial courtesy means that...

before appointing an official who will serve in a state, the president must gain approval of his or her party's senators from that state.

Of the federal civilian employees, the president appoints...

only a handful

Under Humphrey's Executor v. United States, the president...

cannot remove a member of an independent agency except on the grounds of incompetiance or melfeasance

The most extrememe action a president can take against a country in the area is to...

withdraw recognition of the legal existance of the country

Some presidents have gotten around the senate's refusal to ratify a treaty by...

getting congress to pass a joint resolution that does the same thing

The purpose of the war Powers Resolution of 1973 was to...

limit the president's power to make war

A(n) ___ negotiated by the president must be approved by a two-third vote of the senate.


The ___ placed strict limits on the president's powers as commander in chief.

war powers resolution

A(n) ___ does not require senate approval.

executive agreement

The president's power to give or withhold diplomatic ___ of a new government is a powerful weapon.


A foreign diplomat posted in the United States who is recalled by the president is called a(n) ___

persona non grata

The most recent presidents to have used militay force were...

Bush and Obama

As commender in chief, the president may...

do all!

Which is an example of the President's ability to check the power of congress?


A reduction in the severity of a sentence or a fine imposed by court.


a general pardon


legal forgiveness of a crime


the power to cancel specific dollar amounts in spending bills

line-item veto

a postponement of the execution of a sentence imposed by a court


A "pocket veto" is used only...

at the end of a congressional session

In clinton v. New York City, the supreme court struck down the president's...

authority to use the line-item veto

When President Nixon accepted the pardon extended by President Ford, it was understood that...

he was admitting guilt

The pRESIDENT DOES not have the power to...

make someone accept a pardon

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