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Mae Bryn yn iawn

Bryn's fine

Dw i'n meddwl bod Bryn yn iawn

I think (that) Bryn's fine

Mae Sal yn barod

Sal's ready.

Dw i'n meddwl bod Sal yn barod

I think Sal's ready.

Mae'r plant yn dost

The children are ill

Dw i'n meddwl bod y plant yn dost

I think the children are ill.

Dw i'n dwp

I'm stupid

Dw i'n meddwl mod i'n dwp

I think (that) I'm stupid

Rwyt ti'n barod

You're ready (informal)

Dw i'n meddwl fod ti'n barod.

I think you're ready. (informal)

Dw i'n meddwl fod e'n well

I think he's better.

Beth wyt ti'n feddwl o Harry Potter?

What do you think of Harry Potter? (informal)

Beth yw dy farn di am Lord of the Rings?

What is your opinion of Lord of the Rings? (informal)

Dw i'n credu mod i'n iawn

I think I'm fine / right

Falle fod ti'n iawn

Perhaps you're fine / right (informal)

Dw i'n siwr bod hi'n iawn

I'm sure she's fine / right

Gobeithio bod ni ddim yn iawn.

I hope we're not right

Ro'n i'n meddwl fod e'n ofnadwy

I thought it was terrible

Ro'n i'n meddwl fod hi'n dda

I thought it was good

Dwedodd Sal bod nhw'n wych

Sal said they were excellent.




miserable / boring


wonderful / brilliant



addas i ferched

suitable for women

paid gwrando arno fe.

Don't listen to him.



hollol dwp

completely stupid



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