10 terms

act 1, R&J

verona, italy
why do the montagues and capulets hate each other?
a long standing feud.
why is romeo depressed?
bd rosaline doesnt <3 him back :(
what is romeo's greatet fault?
being stubborn not moving on, impusive
who is paris & what does he want?
young noble man, & he want permission2 marry Juliet
how old is juliet?
almost 14
what information does romeo learn from his conversation with the capulet servant? why is this important for this moment in the play?
he finds out about the party, & rosaline is going to b @the party
explain benvolios argument concerning why romeo should attend the capulet party.
if romeo goes2 the party he might b able2 move on bc there will b so many other pretty girls
what does lady capulet dicuss wiht juliet?
nurse's role in the play
comic relief.