Integumentary System - Unit 3

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sebaceous glandsoil glandsvasoconstrictionnarrowing of blood vesselsvasodilationwidening of blood vesselsallografttransplantation of healthy tissue from one person to another person; also called homograftArteriolessmall vessels that receive blood from the arteriesautografttransplantation of healthy tissue from one site to another site in the same individualCapillariesMicroscopic vessel through which exchanges take place between the blood and cells of the bodyConductionThe direct transfer of heat from one substance to another substance that it is touching.ConvectionProcess by which, in a fluid being heated, the warmer part of the mass will rise and the cooler portions will sink.Dermismiddle layer of skinEpidermisOuter layer of skinEvaporationThe change of state from a liquid to a gasHypodermisthe layer of skin beneath the dermis, which serves as a storage repository for fatMelaninA pigment that gives the skin its colorRadiationThe transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves