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Study the meaning of "vert," "extro-," "intro-," and "tra-" along with the words they appear in.


a word root that means


a word root that means


a prefix that means


a prefix that means


a prefix that means


1. the act of turning away from.
2. a dislike of something.

example: Homer had an _____________ to any food that was not a donut.


1. to turn into
2. to transform

example: He planned to _________ the box into a new bed for the dog.


1. an outgoing person
2. someone who is gregarious or unreserved

example: It's easy to tell that Tracy Morgan is an ______ by the way he enjoys entertaining the audience.


1. a shy person
2. someone who is quiet, reserved, does not socialize much.


1. to turn a different direction
2. to cause to turn away from

example: The doctor used a loud noise to ______ the child from the pain of the needle.


1. the state of being shy or not social
2. turned inward; focusing on oneself

example: Because of her __________, Mary refused to leave her house or accept visitors.


1. turned against

example: Once that first turkey sandwich was thrown, it was one side of the restaurant ______ the other in a huge food fight.


1. to move across.
2. to turn back and forth across something.

example: We will ________ all of America as we visit the country's historical landmarks.


1. to promote something (for purposes of turning the buyer toward your product).
2. to spread the word about something (to turn attention toward it).

example: John wore his Red Sox cap to ________ that he was a fan of the team.


1. a feeling of spinning or turning uncontrollably even though you're standing still.

example: After Susy stepped off the merry-go-round, she had a bout of ___________.


1. being able to turn into many things
2. having many uses

example: The "Survivor" tribal buff is very _______; it can be worn as a hat, an armband, or even as a skirt."


1. to turn back again
2. to change back

example: At midnight, Cinderella's carriage ________ed to its former state: a simple pumpkin.


1. talking in turns
2. an exchange of ideas; communication.

example: The class had a good ________ about the book; everybody took turns sharing their thoughts about it.

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