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<p>State board exam</p>

When tweezing the eyebrows the practitioners should?

Quickly pull hair opposite direction of hair growth

The hair from the base to the beginning of the arch is called?


What is used to bond acrylic nail to natural nail?


What cause fungus to the nail?

Air - pockets and moistures trapped on artificial nail

What will happen to the hair if the hand is twisted and stretched too much on the rod?

Hair breakage

Before using toners hair should be pre-lightened to?

Pale yellow

Before the application of a color, when should the predisposition test be given?

24 hours

What is the primary ingredient in hair relaxed?

Sodium Hydroxide

In hair relaxing on sensitive scalp, a base cram should be applied when using?

Sodium Hydroxide

How many turns for a full curl development around the rod in chemical wave?

Two and half

What is the most oxidizing substance use?

Hydrogen peroxide

Slithering is the process of?

Thinning the hair with shears

A 90 degree in hair cutting is used, the hair will be?


What is best described elevation?


A water resistant lubricant used for the skin and in hair conditioner is?


What PH is considered neutral?


To minimize wide set eye, the practitioner should?

Extend the eyebrow beyond the inside corner of the eye

Disinfectants cannot kill bacteria in what stage?


Where is the new hair regeneration?


A combination of fingers wave and alternating pin curls is?

Skips waves

A nonpathogenic form of bacteria is called?


Affection transferred from one person to another person is?


Disinfected implement is?

Best stored on closed dry clean container

What layer of the skin contains oil gland?


When should the hair color service be recorded?

Every time the client has a tint or retouched service

The hyponychium is the thickened skin that lies?

Under the free edge

What gland produces sebum?

Sebaceous Gland

What layered of the skin contain blood vessels?


Never That are stimulated by touch or pressure and are located near the hair follicle is?


The pH range of a shampoo that is good for color treated hair is from?

4.5 to 5.5

What should not be used on wig?


During the anagen phase of hair growth, the hair is?

Actively growing

Which with proper drape cape can prevent?

Prevent water runs into the clients neck

Which of the following is also referred to as the basal layer?

Stratum Germinativum

What is the term for the scientific study of the skin?


A new client schedules for a series of a chemical exfoliation treatments when should the consultation form be reviewed and signed?

At each treatment

What determines the least mobility of a curl?

No stem

In chemical wave what will most results to determine achieve curl?

Strength of wave solution

Practitioner can re-lighten the hair after lightening service within how many hours?

24 hours

In order to properly disinfect used implement should be which?


What make oxidation?

Heat and Light

When you remove pin curl, which technique you should follow?


Alkaline shampoo leathers be rinsed, the water should be?

Soft water

Stimulated massage is beneficial because it is?

Increase blood ciruculation

Lip colors must be apply by?

Cotton swab

For proper use of brushes, combs and implement must be?

Infected before use on each clients

Emery board is used to shaping the?

Free edge of the nail

In chemical wave, the bonds are rearranged in what layer of the hair?


Torn cuticle and frayed edge are caused by?

Onychophagy (onychophagia)

Hangnail can be treated with?

Hot oil

Facial massage manipulation should never be performed on the skin that has?

Acne vulgaris

What will blocking and molding the rod create in chemical wave?

Curl pattern, direction, parting

What is best described the nail polish application for a french manicure?

White polished is applied to the free edge

The secondary color used to neutralize red is?


The agency responsible to test disinfectants for effectiveness is?


To neutralize warm tones, practitioner should use?

Green tones, cool tones

The electrotheraphy is used both in disincrustation and and iontophoresis is?

Galvanic current

Clients come back the salon on week after the manicure was give the cuticle is red and contains pus, this is a symptom?

Bacteria infection

Scalp massage is performed prior to the?


To remain safe and avoid leg and feet problem, practitioner should wear?

Low heel shoes

Lightener should be prepared?

Immediately before application

In facial, hair draping is to keep the hair?

Clean and out of client's face

Why is skill on finger waving important to the practitioner?

It is the foundation of styling

What is characteristic of metal combs?

They transfer and retain heat

Substances used to neutralize acids or raise the pH of many hair products is?


Which part in the hand are nerve endings most abundant?

Finger Tip

Most of the muscle that move the hand and fingers are located in the?


Redox reaction means the transfer of oxidizing or?

Reducing Agent

Combustion is the rapid oxidation of a substance is accompanied by?

Heat and Light

Coarse hair should never be thinned too close to the?


The term coarse, medium or fine are referred to the hairs?


the process of cells reproduction is called?


What should the practitioner use to comb wet wig?

Wide tooth comb

A furuncle (boil) is a local bacterial infection of the?

Hair follicle

The characteristics of tinea capitis is?

Red papules

Pedicure foot basin is disinfected with?

EPA (registered hospital-grade solution)

The set of guidelines published by OSHA in order to protect against blood born pathogen (BBP) is?

Universal precautions

Chemical process the in which cells receive nutrient from growth is called?


To offset the long neck in hair cutting it is advisable to?

Leave hair full at neck

Three kind of effects in electrotheraphy use of electric current include electrochemical, chemical and?


Which term means to remove microbes on non-porous surfaces?


After lightening there are some dark areas on the hair shaft, practitioner should?

Apply lightener on dark areas only

Practitioner must follow infection control standards or order to prevent?

pathogenic micro-organisms

The primary formation of a curl or a wave on the rod is a(n)?

Circular pattern

Hydrogen peroxide is used in hair color or lightener as?


What will determine the size of wave formation in alkaline chemical wave?

Size of the rod

To prevent injury to the wrist in hair cutting the practitioner should?

Keep the wrist in straight position

Disinfectants should be used?

On non-porous implements

What single factor of hair makes it absorb fillers?


Dry cuticle around the nail can be treated?

With cuticle cream/hot oil

What will cause hair breakage in alkaline chemical wave?

Hair wrapped too tightly around each rod

While giving basic facial massage (manipulation), the practitioner should avoid massaging?

Acne treatment

For a new chemical wave, care should be taken to?

Frizzy hair

In volume curl, the hair should be place securely on the?


The active ingredient in all chemical wave processing solution is?

Ammonium thioglycolate

Chemical wave should not be performed on hair that has?

Metallic salt dye

All combs, brushes, and towels must be?

Disinfected before used on each client

The first part in the hair cutting is?


Benefit of good shaping will result?

Good hairstyle

A guideline is used in hair cut to?

Establish the length

The purpose of draping over chair is?

Ensure protection of client

A product containing antiseptic reaches what level of decontamination?


Thinning shear is to remove excess bulk without

shortened its length

In hair styling to offset the square jaw, practitioner should use?

Curved (lines at jaw)

Which type of hair reflex the most light?

Straight hair

Shampoo that is not good for the hair usually contains?


The breeding place for bacteria causing scalp disorder is ?

Improper or irregular shampoo

By raising or lowering the styling chair, the practitioner can prevent shoulder/back?


What shape of base is recommended to prevent splits at the front hairline?


In chemical wave, the processing time in determined by the hair texture elasticity and?


The stand parting (subsection) in lightening service should be ?

1/8 inch parts

In lightening retouch, the new growth should be applied color?

Up to the demarcation

In visible spectrum, the longest wave length is?


Dilated capilaries that can be seen beneath the surface of the skin are known as?


In addition to softening sebum, another function of a facial steamer is to?

Oxygenate the skin

An antiseptic is used in manicuring to?

Treat minor cuts

Pumice stone is used to manicuring as?

An abrasive

For which one of the following are or manicure recommended?

Brittle nails

What should be applied to a split in the nail before wrapping is?

Adhesive glue

Electroly sis is recognized as the only prove method of permanent hair removal by the?

Food and Drug administration (FDA)

What is the term for the scientific study of the skin?


Which of the following would result in the greatest production of lye?

Increase current and decrease time

A product containing antiseptic reaches what level O decontamination?


To secure the entire length of the weft to the track, what type of stitch should be practitioner use?

Overcast stitch

Which of the following stitches secure the end of the waft to the starch?

Over stitch

The heart's lower chamber on the left and Right


What is shampoo has PH of 4.5 or 5.5?


What is the first part of hair cutting?


When to prepare for prelightening services?

Immediately before lightening

In facial hair cape is to keep the hair?


Split Nail can be treat with

Cuticle cream oil

To apply lipstick use which of the Applicator below?

Disinfected Brush

Where to put the body cape in facial?

Chest Down

For a New chemical wave care should be taken to prevent the hair from


The hyponichium is the skin that lies?

Under the free edge

Metal implements should be disinfected with?

Hospital grade solution

What determines the texture of the hair?


What is the function of Keratin?

If forms the base of all tissue

A client with which of the following nail conditions should be referred to a physician?


Prior to aperment wave you should drape with a?

Towel and plastic cape

Scalp manipucations should not be performed if?

Abrasion are present

What should be used to stop the bleeding of a minor cut during manicure?

Alum powder

Pre-lightening of the hair is usually necessary when using a?


To remove lightener, hair should be rinsed in the water that is?


before giving a chemical wave the hair should be?

Dampened Hair

Which one of the following is the main ingredient, in a chemical hair relaxer?

Sodium hydroxide

Why is it necessary to use a conditioner filler during a chemical relaxer retouch service?

Help even the porosity

The mobility of a pin curl is determined by the?


Dispulfide bonds are broken by the?

Chemical wave solution

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