Pharmacology F2: Drug Labels and Inserts

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Get in the habit of always reading the label before you use the drug.. use the three way safety check system...

1. Check label when taking product from shelf 2. Check label when handling product 3. Check label when replacing product on shelf

Fifteen pieces of information provided on a drug label from the drug company: (put a star by optional info)

1. Name of drug 2. Form of drug 3. Ingredients 4. Drug Schedule 5. Concentration 6. Amount 7. Species to be used in 8. Indication for use 9. Dosage and administration 10. Cautions and warnings 11. Storage requirements* 12. Withdrawal times 13. Name of Manufacturer 14. Expiry date 15. DIN

The product ____ contains more information than what`s visible on the ____

-insert -label

Name 17 pieces of info given on a product insert

1. Name 2. Form 3. Ingredients 4. Drug Schedule 5. Concentration 6. Amount and product description 7. Species to be used in 8. Indications for use 9. Dosage and frequency of administration 10. Cautions, warnings and contraindications 11. Storage requirements 12. Withdrawal times 13. Name of Manufacturer 14. Class of drug 15. Recommended route of admin 16. Safety and toxicology 17. Pharmacology of drug

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