Unit 5 - Joints of the Skeletal System

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synovial membraneinner lining of the joint capsulesynarthrosesimmovable jointsTorquea twisting forceAbductionMovement away from the midline of the bodyAdductionMovement toward the midline of the bodyBi-axial jointcan move in 2 planes (condyloid joint; knuckles & saddle; thumb)Circumductioncircular movement of a limb at the far enddiseaseAn abnormal state in which the body is not functioning normallydorsiflextionupward bending of the toes and the footextensionStraightening of a jointFlexionbending a jointGomophosisPeg-in-socket fiberous jointHyperextensionthe extreme or overextension of a limb or body part beyond its normal limitLigamentsConnect bone to bonemultiaxialball and socketplantar flexionbends the foot downward at the anklePronationmovement that turns the palm downRotationcircular motionSupinationmovement that turns the palm upsutureinterlocking line of union between bonessymphysisA type of joint that has grown together forming a very stable connection.Synchondrosisan almost immovable joint between bones bound by a layer of cartilage, as in the vertebrae.Syndesmosisa fibrous joint at which two bones are bound by long collagen fibersTendonAttaches muscle to boneUni-axial jointsMove in one plane. Include: Hinge and pivotwolf's law of bonearchitecture of bone determined by mechanical stresses placed on it