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Futur Simple- Irregular verbs

Irregular verbs in the French "futur simple"
I will go
tu iras
You will go
il ira
He will go
elle ira
She will go
on ira
On will go
nous irons
We will go
vous irez
You will go
ils iront
They will go (m)
elles iront
They will go (f)
I will have
tu auras
You will have
il aura
He will have
elle aura
She will have
on aura
One will have
nous aurons
We will have
vous aurez
They will have
ils auront
They will have (m)
elles auront
They will have (f)
je serai
I will be
tu seras
You will be
il sera
He will be
elle sera
She will be
nous serons
We will be
vous serez
You will be
ils seront
They will be (m)
elles seront
They will be (f)
je ferai
I will do
tu feras
You will do
il fera
He will do
elle fera
She will do
nous ferons
We will do
vous ferez
You will do
ils feront
They will do (m)
elles feront
They will do (f)
je verrai
I will see
tu verras
You will see
il verra
He will see
elle verra
She will see
nous verrons
We will see
vous verrez
You will see
ils verront
They will see (m)
elles verront
They will see (f)
je pourrai
I will be able
tu pourras
You will be able
il pourra
He will be able
elle pourra
She will be able
nous pourrons
We will be able
vous pourrez
You will be able
ils pourront
They will be able (m)
elles pourront
They will be able (f)
je viendrai
I will come
tu viendras
You will come
il viendra
He will come
elle viendra
She will come
nous viendrons
We will come
vous viendrez
You will come
ils viendront
They will come (m)
elles viendront
They will come (f)
je saurai
I will know
tu sauras
You will know
il saura
He will know
elle saura
She will know
nous saurons
We will know
vous saurez
You will know
ils sauront
They will know (m)
elles sauront
They will know (f)