Microbiology 102.1-102.3 lesson challenge

Bacteriology is the study of
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Organisms that live on or obtain their nutrients from another organism are known asExternal parasitesDisease causing bacteria or viruses that are carried through the blood or body fluids are known as:bloodborne pathogensWhich of the following actions would be considered a universal precautionDisinfecting salon equipmentWhich of the following occurs when the circulatory system carries bacteria and their toxins to all parts of the bodygeneral infectionWhat type of immunity is provided when a person is given antibodies to a disease rather than producing them through his or her own immune system?passive immunityRemoving dirt and debris to aid in preventing the growth of microbes iscleaningTo destroy or kill most bacteria (except bacterial spores), fungi and viruses on nonporous surfaces is referred to asDisinfectionVirucidals are disinfectants used to kill:virusesthe regulating agency under the department of labor that enforces safety and health standards in the workplace isOSHAKey information on a specific product regarding ingredients, associated hazards, combustion levels and storage requirements is provided by:SDSwhat information is assigned to a product, along with the approval of efficacy claims on the label to ensure the product is safe and effective?EPA registration numberAn approved EPA-registered disinfectant is effective on what type of surface?nonporouswhich of the following is the next step after removing all hair from a brush during a disinfection procedure?wash brush with soap and waterwhen disinfecting, tools must be precleaned before:immersionwhat should you do with a porous item such as a neck strip, sponge or emery board once it has been used on a client?discard itAny tools or supplies that come in contact with the client during a service must be discarded or:disinfectedall of the following statements are precautions regarding disinfectants, except:use hands to remove objects from disinfectantDispose of sharp objects such as razor blades in a(n):puncture-proof containerDestroying or killing all microbes is:sterilizationtools and instruments used to puncture or invade the skin must be sterilized or designed to be:disposablewhen performing first aid for bleeding wounds, what is the next step after bleeding stops?apply bandageChemical burns should be treated by:rinsing away all traces of chemicalswhich of the following steps should be taken FIRST when it is believed a person may choking?determine if the victim can speak or coughIf the skin is not broken following a heat or electrical burn, which of the following actions is recommended to treat the burn area?immerse in cool waterwhich of the following steps should be taken if a person has fainted?apply a cold compressIn the case of a chemical injury to the eye which of the following steps is recommended?flush eyeball with lukewarm water for 15 to 30 minutesIf a victim appears to be having an allergic reaction, where could you locate information about product usage?SDS