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A patient with dementia, in the nursing home visited for less than 30 minutes by a physician.

Look up Domiciliary services then established patient or Established patient then Domiciliary or rest home visit
(Evaluation and Management/Domiciliary, Rest Home, or Home Care Plan Oversight services)

A new born admitted to the pediatric critical care unit after her birth, physician provided her initial care.

Look up critical cares services then neonatal then initial
(Evaluation and Management/Inpatient Neonatal Pediatric, Neonatal Critical Care services)

Comprehensive history, thorough examination, high complexity, observation.

Look up observation then see evaluation and management
(Evaluation and Management/Hospital inpatient services)

Office visit, new patient, detailed history, detailed examination, Low complexity decision

Look up new patient then initial office visit
(Evaluation and Management/office or other outpatient services)

Problem focused history, problem focused examination, straightforward decision making.

Look up established patient then office visit
(Evaluation and Management/office or other outpatient services)

Critical care, E/M of the critically ill, 80 minutes

99291 + 99292
Look up critical care services then evaluation and management
(Evaluation and Management/critical care services)

ER dept visit, detailed hx, detained exam and moderate complex decision

Look up emergency department services
(Evaluation and Management/Emergency department services)

Initial comprehensive preventive medicine exam, 54 yrs old

Look up Preventive medicine
(Evaluation and Management/Preventive services)

Substance abuse structured screening intervention services 30 minutes

Look up Screening, drug then alcohol and /or substance abuse
(Evaluation and Management/Preventive Medicine services)


Look up Venipuncture then routine
(Surgery/cardiovascular system)

Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, Roux-en-Y procedure

Look up Roux-en-Y procedure
(Surgery/Digestive system)

Outpatient kidney imaging with vascular flow.

look up Nuclear then kidney
(Radiology/Nuclear Medicine)

Obstetric panel lab work

Look up Blood test, then panels then obstetric panel
(Pathology and laboratory/Organ or Disease-Oriented Panels)

Total bilirubin blood test

Look up bilirubin then blood
(Pathology and laboratory/Chemistry)

Total protein, urine test

Look up protein then urine
(Pathology and laboratory/Chemistry)

Blood alcohol level test

) Look up alcohol then blood (Alcohol (ethanol): any specimen except breath).
(Pathology and laboratory/Urinalysis)

Coagulation time test, Lee and White method.

Look up Lee and White test
(Pathology and laboratory/Hematology and coagulation)

Cryptosporidium microbiology lab test

Look up Cryptosporidium then Enzyme Immunoassy
(Pathology and laboratory/Microbiology)

Home health visit for newborn care and assessment

Look up newborn care
(Medicine/ Home Health Procedures/services)

Injection, chemotherapy administration, IM

Look up Injection then chemotherapy
Medicine/Hydration, Therapeutic, Prophylactic, Diagnostic Injections, Infusions, and Chemotherapy)

Anesthesia for 2nd and 3rd degree burn excision with graft

look up anesthesia then burn then excision

Anesthesia for tenoplasty, elbow to shoulder

look up anesthesia then tenoplasty

Excision of benign lesion arms or legs over 4.0 cm

look up lesion then excision then benign

Destruction of malignant lesion by cryosurgery 2.5 cm

look up cryosurgery

Wound exploration, penetrating, chest

look up Wound then exploration then chest then penetrating

Rhinoplasty, complete

look up Rhinoplasty then primary

Embolectomy without catheter

look up embolectomy then carotid artery

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