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InDesign April 13, 2011

Toggle Hand Tool


New Document

Cmd N

Save a Copy

Cmd Opt S


Cmd D


Cmd E

Document Setup

Cmd Opt P

File info

Cmd Opt Shift I


Cmd Opt Shift P


Cmd P

Paste without Formatting

Cmd Shift V

Paste Into

Cmd Option V

Paste in Place

Cmd Opt Shift V


Cmd F

Check Spelling

Cmd I

Add Page

Cmd Shift P

Go to Page

Cmd J

Type Tool


Rectange Frame Tool


Free Transform Tool


Default Fill and STroke


Toggle Normal/ Preview



Cmd L

Unlock All on Spread

Cmd Opt L

Text Frame Options

Cmd Opt Shift C

Fitting>Fill Frame Proportionally

Cmd Opt C

Fitting>Fit Frame to Content

Cmd Opt C

Fitting> Fit Content to Frame

Cmd Opt E

Effects>Drop Shadow

Cmd Opt M

Insert Table

Cmd Opt Shift T

Insert Row

Cmd 9

Insert Column

Cmd Opt 9

Fit Spread in Window

Cmd Opt 0

View Entire Pasteboard

Cmd Opt Shift 0

Show/ Hide Rulers

Cmd R

Show/Hide Frame Edges

Cmd Ctrl H

Show/Hide Guides

Cmd ;

Increase Font Size

Cmd Shift >

Decrease Font Size

Cmd Shift <

Make text Bold

Cmd Shift B

Make text Italic

Cmd Shift I

adjust Leading

Opt up/down arrow

adjust Tracking or Kerning

Cmd Left/Right arrow

Align Left

Cmd Shift L

Align Center

Cmd Shift C

Align Right

Cmd Shift R

Create Outlines

Cmd Shift O

Show Hidden Characters

Cmd Opt I

___ files allow for the creation of platform-independent files that retain all the original designer's layout and font information


InDesign Creates ____ to graphics and fonts, without embedding them. This requires that ll graphic and font files must accompany the original InDesign file in order for the file to output properly.


Use the ____ panel to manage, update and relink graphic files in your InDesign document


The _______ command is used to import both graphic and text files into InDesign.


When resizing, rotating, or repositioning a graphic frame, the ________ selects the frame and content, while the ________ selects the content only

Selection Tool/ Direct Selection Tool

In addition to being able to sample colors and gradients, the _____________ can pick up and apply text formatting to selected text

Eyedropper Tool

_____, also called _______, is the amount of space between each line of type as measured from baseline to baseline

Leading/ Linespacing

_____ allows you to control how blocks of text wrap around a frame or graphic object.

Text Wrap

Creating ______________ allos ou to flow text into multiple text boxes

threaded text frames

______ is the process of checking files for any potential problems before sending to the printer or pre-press bureau


When you choose ________, InDesign copies all the necessary files relating to your document, including linked graphics and fonts into a new folder


Placing repeating elements on a _______ copies those elements to every page of your InDesign document

Master Page

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