15 terms

Chapter 9 Vocabulary

Prime Number
A whole number, greater than 1, whose only factors are 1 and itself
Composite Number
A whole number, greater than 1, that has more than two factors
Prime Factorization
When a whole number is expressed as the product of factors that are all prime numbers
Factored Form
A monomial is in ___________ when it is expressed as the product of prime numbers and variables and no variable has an exponent greater than 1.
Greatest Common Factor-GCF is....
Greatest number that is a factor of both original numbers
A number with no variable
You get the middle term by ______
a combination of the inside and outside
What does the middle term not consist of?
Exponents or constant
Means to find its completely factored form
Factoring by Grouping
The Distributive Property can also be used to factor some polynomials having four or more terms
Zero Product Property
At least one of the factors is zero
A polynomial can be factored by grouping if all of the following situations exist....
*There are 4 or more terms
*Terms with common factors can be grouped together
*The two common factors are identical or are additive inverses of each other
Zero Product Property
If the product of two factors is 0, then at least one of the factors must be 0.
For any real numbers a and b, if ab=0, then either a=0, b=0, or both a and b equal zero.
Greatest Common Factor
*The GCF of two or more integers is the product of the prime factors common to the integers
*The GCF of two or more monomials is the product of their common factors when each monomial is in factored form
*If two or more integers or monomials have a GCF of 1, then the integers or monomials are said to be relatively prime