Yang-Ming & Tai-Yin Points and Actions

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~Stops bleeding
~Regulates the Spleen
~Unbinds the chest
~Calms the Heart and Spirit and restores consciousness
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SP Shu-Stream = Yuan Source Earth point of Earth ChannelSP3What is the meeting point of the SP & LV, KD?SP6Which point is more tonifying, bias towards SP deficiency?SP3Which SP point focuses on 'wrapping blood' & stops bleeding?SP1Which point is more moving, keep in mind its relationship with Chong Mai, good for abdominal pain, bias to excess?SP4Which point is used for.... GYN disorders d/t blood stasis or damp obstruction −Irregular menstruation(+ SP6,10), abdominal masses −'flooding & trickling' (SP1)SP8Which SP point is used for... Damp-heat, cold-damp, edema With KD10: retention of urine With LV8: pain of the genitals, leukorrheaSP9•GYN disorders •Skin disorders "CAN TREAT ALL BLOOD DISEASES" (blood stasis, blood heat, blood deficiency)SP10Which SP point moves Qi & Regulates the intestines?SP15The primary & divergent channels of the SP connect with the:HT and the tongueThe Luo-Connecting channel of the SP connects with the:intestinesThe Great Luo of the Spleen... when it is excess, there is pain of the whole body; when there is deficient, the hundred joints are flaccidSP21He-Sea and Water point of SPSP9SP Xi-Cleft PointSP8Which SP point regulates menstruation & invigorates blood?SP8Which point tonifies & moves, keep in mind it is the meeting point of SP, LV & KD, def. & excess, widest range of indications among the SP points?SP6What point is used for.... All disorders of the lower burner GYN/OB disorders Sexual/genital disorders Urinary disorders Skin diseases (+ SP10, BL17)SP6Epigastric pain, abdominal distention/pain GYN disorders Heart pain, chest pain (+ PC6)SP4Chong Mai Counterflow Qi Abdominal urgency Dyspnea GYN disordersSP4Which point is used for deafness, tinnitus, ear, lockjaw, toothache, pain of the teeth of the lower jaw, swelling and pain of the gums, pain of the cheek and face, swelling of the cheek, yawning, deviation of the mouth and eye, visual dizziness?ST7What is the meeting point of the ST and GB channels with the Yang Wei/Linking vessel?ST8What point is used for headache, splitting headache (frontal, temporal or vertex) with chills and fever, dizziness, nausea or vomiting dimness of vision, bursting eye pain?ST8Which point eliminates wind and alleviates pain and benefits the eyes?ST8Benefits the ears, jaw and teeth and is the meeting point of the ST and GB channelsST7Yangming channel is abundant inQi and bloodST channel helps in clearing excess Yang in the form of....febrile Heat, or Heat disturbing the Heart and SpiritThe ST primary channel descends through the _____breastThe ST divergent channel penetrates the _____HeartWhich ST point Regulates Qi & blood and lowers rebellion?ST9Which point would you use for: −Neck: scrofula, goiter -Sudden onset of severe pain: acute lumbar sprain, or any acute pain in the body -Hypertension, hypotensionST9Which is the window of heaven point and also the sea of qi point?ST9Which point benefits the breasts and also unbinds the chest and alleviates cough & wheezing?ST18Which point is used to treat breast disorders: pain, distention, swelling, abscess, cough and asthma and scanty lactation?ST18Which point regulates Qi, alleviates pain, harmonizes Middle Burner & transforms stagnation, raises Qi & stops diarrhea?ST21Which points are used for epigastric distention & pain d/t stagnation of Qi, esp. in the lateral abdomen & lateral costal region?ST21 + CV12Which points are used for slippery diarrhea, prolapse of stomach?ST21 +GV20Which ST point is used to treat diarrhea, constipation, all kinds of intestinal disorders and also acute simple appendicitis (+ ST37 and LI11)ST25Which ST point is used to treat stagnation in the lower abdomen, abdominal pain or distention, intestinal abscess, Shan disorder, abdominal or uterine masses in women, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, infertility and dampness: edema?ST25What is the front-mu point of the LI?ST25Which ST point regulates the Lower Burner & Dispels stagnation, and also benefits the Bladder & Uterus?ST28Which point is known as the "water passage"?ST28Which ST point is dispersive in nature and always for EXCESS d/t stagnation of Qi/blood?ST28'Gate of Uterus' (L)ST28'Child's Door'(R)ST28Which point is used for: -Stagnation of Qi/blood, Dampness/Damp-Heat in the Lower Burner -Urinary disorders: retention of urine, dysuria, cloudy urine (regulating fluids) -Reproductive disorders: uterine masses, ovarian cysts, dysmenorrhea, infertility −Lower abdominal distension, lumbar painST28Which point is called "Return" and is warming in nature. It is good for excess/deficient cold conditions and better used with moxa?ST29Which ST point warms the Lower Burner, regulates menstruation & benefits the genital region?ST29Which ST point is used for cold in the Lower Burner (excess/deficient)?ST29−Pain/fullness/distention of the lower abdomen -twisting pain of abdomen -hardness below umbilicus -abdominal heat -heat in the Large Intestine -retention of urine/feces -hot painful urinary dysfunctionAbnormal circulation of Qi in the lower abdomen ST30Which ST point would be used for the following types of pain? −Local swelling/pain of the knee −Acute swelling/pain/abscess of the breast −Acute epigastric painST34Which ST point moderates acute conditions and is the Xi Cleft point?ST34What is the meeting point of ST & Chong maiST30Which ST point is used for menstrual disorders, impotence, seminal emission, nocturnal urination, Shan disorder?ST29Which ST point fosters the original Qi and tonifies Qi, Nourishes blood & Yin?ST36What point treats all disorders of the ST, excess/def., cold/heat and dampness resulting from SP-Qi def.?ST36What is the ST He-Sea and Earth point and Abdomen Command point?ST36What point can be used for the following conditions? -Deficiency of Qi, blood & Yin −Overall health preservation, longevity: + CV4 −Immune improvement: easily catches cold, HIV −Chronic deficiency: long-term diseases, cancer with chemotherapy, chronic fatigue, '5 taxations', '7 injuries'ST36What ST point can be used for... -Mental disturbances −Phlegm-Fire*, HT-blood def., blood stasisST36What points can be used as 'chain and lock' method for Weakness, atrophy, hemiplegia, pain of lower limbsST31, ST36, ST41Which point is the lower he-sea point of LI and point of sea of blood?ST37 (+ BL11, ST39)Which two ST points combined are used to treat all of the intestinal disorders?ST37 + ST25Which ST point is used to treat shoulder pain/stiffness (empirical; ST-LI Yangming)?−Affected side, ST38 → BL57 −+LĮ15 (local and distal point combination)What is the luo connecting point on the ST Channel?ST40Which point would be used for all PHLEGM diseases? −Chest: fullness, oppression, pain −Lung: copious phlegm, white or yellow −Heart: mania-depression, lethargy, stupor −Head: dizziness & h/a with heavy & clouded feeling, epilepsy, severe vertigo (combined with ST8 for stagnation of phlegm and fire) −Throat: plumstone Qi, throat painful obstructionST40What point would you use for swollen sore throat, toothache and also can be used for hives?ST44What is the ST Ying-Spring and water point?ST44Which point is used for pain/swelling of the dorsum of the foot?ST44Which point is used for heat/Fire in the upper reaches of the ST channel?ST44Which ST point calms the spirit and restores consciousness?ST45What is the ST Jing-Well, child and metal point?ST45What ST point is used for insomnia with excessive vivid dreams or nightmares due to fire or phlegm-heat? -moxibustion can 'draw the fire down' based on the principle of 'small fire attracts big fire'ST45To treat LI ORGAN....use points on the LOWER bodyBecause the yangming channel is full of qi and blood, this points towards......more fullness, excess and stagnationLI3 helps to treat....•Toothache (+ST5, GB17), throat painful obstructionWhat is the LI Yuan Source point?LI4Which point induces labour and also restores Yang?LI4What is the LI command point for the face and mouth?LI4Luo connecting points treat conditions along the luo connecting channel. In the LI case, it can treat disorders of...ear and mouth since that is where the channel goesWhich LI point can treat acute edema in face & upper portion, accompanied by absence of sweating and difficult urination? What point would you use along with the point from above?LI6 + LU9 (Host-Guest combination)What is the main point for forearm pain?LI10Which LI point is used for abdominal pain, vomiting & diarrhea?LI10 + ST36What LI point is used for high fever d/t excess heat (Yangming stage)?LI11Oral herpes, sore/swollen throat, toothache, redness & pain of the eyes are symptoms of....heat in the upper reach of Yangming channelWhat LI point is used for vomiting & diarrhea?LI11What LI points would you use for facial swelling, pain, itching or paralysis?Use LI20 on affected side and LI4 on the other sideLI Shen disordersLI3: somnolence LI5: bipolar, epilepsy LI11: bipolar, fearLI FeverLI11: all heat disorders LI1: lost consciousness (heat) LI4: fever and chillsWhat LI pt is used for all Skin disordersLI11What point is used for all disorders of the nose/sinus?LI20Which point opens the nasal passages, expels wind & Clears heat?LI20What points are used for stiffness, pain, immobility, weakness of the shoulder or frozen shoulder?LI15 + TW14Which LI point dispels wind-damp and dissipates phlegm nodules?LI15What is the control point for the shoulder?LI15What YangMing points are used for hypertension?LI11 + ST36Which LI point would you use for skin disorders d/t Wind, Heat & Damp (EXCESS)?LI11Mania, agitation, tongue thrusting are symptoms of...Heat transmitted from Yangming to the HeartWhat is the He-Sea, Earth and Mother point of the LI Channel?LI11Which LI point clears heat, cools blood, dispels wind, drains damp & alleviates itching?LI11Which LI point regulates Qi & blood, activates the channel & alleviates pain and harmonizes the intestines & stomach?LI10What is the mirror point of ST36?LI10Which LI point can treat Wind-Heat in the upper reach of Yangming channel, esp. the ears?LI6What LI point treats edema of the face, urinary problems and exterior wind heat?LI6What is the LI luo connecting point and effective wind water point?LI6Which LI point expels wind & clears heat and also opens & regulates the water passages?LI6What LI point would you use for cold & Flu d/t attack of exterior wind-cold or wind-heat (bias toward W-H)?LI4What points would you use for sweating disorders?LI4 with KD7What points would you use in chain and lock method for pain, numbness, atrophy, hemiplegia of the upper limbs?LI4, LI11, LI15What point would you use for pain esp. in the head & face?LI4Which LI point promotes movement to clear stagnation so it stops pain?LI4Yuan source points on Yang Channels...-4th point -clear excess and expel pathogensPoints on the yangming channel can regulate....qi and blood and therefore stop painYangming channel is full of...Qi and bloodYuan source points on Yin Channels...-3rd point -tonifiesWhich LI pt treats rash, acne skin disorders?LI4Which LI pt treats hives?LI15Which LU point relaxes the sinews & alleviates pain?LU5Which point is used for dual disharmony of the LU & ST?LU1What is the meeting point of LU & SP?LU1→PhlegmWhat is the front-Mu point of LU?LU1What point is used for deficiency/Excess patterns of all LU disorders, bias towards heat penetrating deeply into the chest, esp. with accumulation of phlegm?LU1Which point clears LU-Heat (excess/def.) & descends rebellious Qi (LU/ST)?LU5Which point is best for excess conditions of LU?LU5What condition do these symptoms indicate Tidal fever, taxation heat, dry mouthDeficient heatWhat condition do these symptoms indicate? Urinary retention, swelling of the four limbsExcess water conditionWhat LU point is used for disorders of water metabolism (upper source of water)?LU5Which point is used for swelling & pain in upper limb or the whole body?LU5Which LU point is used for tennis elbow (+TW11), wind painful obstruction syndrome?LU5Which LU point is used for the '5 types of lumbar pain'?LU5 - mirror of BL40Which LU point is used for crane knee wind?LU5What condition do these symptoms indicate? enuresis, frequent urinationDeficiency water metabolism condition•What LU point is best for counterflow Qi & Diarrhea—ST-Qi rebellion Vomit?LU5 because it is the He-Sea PointThe following are symptoms of what issue? Fullness in the chest, expectoration of heavy yellow/green/brown phlegm, agitationExcess heatWhat is the He-Sea, Water, Child Point on the LU Channel?LU5Which point clears heat & moistens the LU?LU6If heat goes into the chest, we can get.....chest pain and shen problemsLocated in pit of elbow where it tends to get hot and sweaty and damp so it is good for clearing heat and regulating waterLU5What LU point treats acute conditions?LU6 --> Xi Cleft point which treats acute conditions and pain and also bleeding disorders (yin channel Xi Cleft points)What point treats acute cough, wheezing, asthma of any etiology?LU6What point is used for hemoptysis (+P3, BL13) d/t wind-dryness, wind-heat, phlegm-heat, LV-LU disharmony, Yin deficiency?LU6What point is particularly indicated for attack of exterior pathogenic wind-heat or wind-dryness?LU6Which LU point expels wind & Releases exterior and is bias toward wind cold?LU7Which point benefits the head and nape and helps treat stiffness?LU7Which point helps treat weakness or pain of the wrist, heat in the palm?LU7Confluent point of CVLU7What is the main point for the common cold?LU7Treats poor memory, palpitations and laughter because of the relationship with the HTLU7 - Luo points treat psycho emotional disordersLuo points treat disorders in the regions reached by the luo connecting channel so LU 7 treats....pain in the wrist, thumb and thenar eminenceLuo connecting point: since Luo points can help treat disorders of the yin yang paired channel, LU7 is good for....nasal congestion because its yin yang pair is the LI which goes to the noseWhich point treats uterine and genital problems?LU7 because it opens Ren maiWhich point treats internal wind - headache, lock jaw and wind obstruction in upper bodyLU7Which point cools & Transforms Phlegm? -All forms of LU-Heat, esp. plus Phlegm -Other: vomiting & diarrheaLU5 - He Sea and Water pointWhich point Cools & Moistens? -Acute cough/asthma/wheezing, Bleeding from the LULU6: Xi-Cleft pointWhich point tonifies the Lung (Qi & Yin) & Transforms phlegm (d/t LU def.)?LU9 Yuan source points on YIN channel tonifies the organ so LU9 tonifies LU Qi and LU YinWhat is the LU Shu-Stream point, so it treats joint pain?LU9What is the meeting point of vessels?LU9 -this makes sense because this is where we take the pulse so it treats conditions of the pulse or HT due to stagnationDry cough with scanty dry phlegm or streaks of blood, malar flush, 5-palm heat are signs of...LU Yin deficiencyThe single most important point on the LU channel for tonifying is...LU9 - Yuan Source points which tonify the channelWhich point is used for disorders of blood vessels? −Vomiting/spitting/coughing blood, pulseless syndrome, Heart pain with Choppy pulseLU9Which LU point is used for stagnation of Gathering Qi? −fullness/oppression of chest w/ inability to lie downLU9Which LU pt regulates water passages, for acute swelling of limbs d/t exterior wind?LU7Which LU pt is used for interior Deficiency and affects both Qi & Blood?LU9What is the LU Fire point and Ying-Spring point?LU10 - very important point for clearing heatWhich point benefits the throat and clears LU-Heat?LU10 -LU Channel ascends to the throat, so by clearing heat we can treat sore throat, dry throat or loss of voiceWhich LU point harmonizes the ST and HT?LU10How does the LU harmonize the HT?LU is prime minister to the HT, so when there is heat in the LU it can get transmitted to the HT causing agitation and shen problems (sadness, fear, anger, chest bi, fear and fright)Which pt is good for both excess AND deficiency throat disorders characterized by heat/dryness.LU10What LU condition causes breast abscess, toothache?LU-Heat →STWhat LU condition causes agitation, mania, anger?LU-Heat →HTWhat is the main point for extreme sore throat specifically due to excess?LU11Which LU point helps to revive consciousness?LU11 - Jing well and ghost pointWhat point is used for all acute THROAT disorders d/t excess heat or poison?LU11Which point is used for spasmodic pain of thumb?LU11~Benefits the ears, jaw and teeth ~Activates the channel and alleviates painST-7 Mtg of ST/GB ch.s XIÀGUĀN (Below the Joint) ***~Eliminates wind and alleviates pain ~Benefits the eyesST-8 TÓUWÉI (Head's Binding) ***~Regulates Qi and Blood and lowers rebellion ~Benefits the throat and neck ~Alleviates painST-9 on Sea of Qi RÉNYÍNG (Man's Welcome) **~Benefits the breasts and reduces swelling ~Unbinds the chest and alleviates cough and wheezingST-18 RǓGĒN (Root of the Breast) ***~Regulates Qi and alleviates pain ~Harmonizes the middle jiao and transforms stagnation ~Raises the Qi and stops diarrheaST-21 LIÁNGMÉN (Bean Gate) ****** ~Regulates the intestines ~Regulates the Spleen and Stomach ~Resolves dampness and damp-Heat ~Regulates Qi and Blood and eliminates stagnationST-25 Front-Mu of Lg Int. TIĀNSHŪ (Heaven's Pivot)**** ~Regulates the lower jiao and dispels stagnation ~Benefits the Bladder and the uterusST-28 SHUǏDÀO (Water Passage)~Warms the lower jiao ~Regulates menstruation and benefits the genital regionST-29 GUĪLÁI (Return) ****~Regulates Qi in the lower jiao ~Regulates the Chong mai ~Subdues running piglet QiST-30 on Sea of Food QÌCHŌNG (Rushing Chong) **~Activates the channel and alleviates pain ~Harmonizes the Stomach and alleviates pain ~Moderates acute conditionsST-34 Xi-cleft LIÁNGQiŪ (Ridge Mound) ***~Harmonizes the Stomach ~Fortifies the Spleen and resolves dampness ~Supports the correct Qi and fosters the original Qi ~Tonifies Qi and nourishes Blood and yin ~Clears fire and calms the Spirit ~Activates the channel and alleviates pain ~Revives the yang and restores consciousnessST-36 He-Sea, Earth Cmd pt of Abdomen on Sea of Food ZÚSĀNLǏ (Leg 3 Miles) ****~Regulates the intestines and transforms stagnation ~Clears damp Heat and alleviates diarrhoea and dysenteric disorder ~Regulates the Spleen and Stomach ~Activates the channel and alleviates painST-37 Lower He-Sea of Lg Int on Sea of Blood SHÀNGJÙXŪ (Upper Great Void) ****~Expels wind-damp and alleviates pain ~Benefits the shoulderST-38 TIÁOKǑU (Lines Opening) ***~Moves Small Intestine Qi and transforms stagnation ~Regulates and harmonizes the intestines and clears damp-Heat ~Activates the channel and alleviates painST-39 Lower He-Sea of Sm Int on Sea of Blood XIÀJÙXŪ (Lower Great Void) ***~Transforms phlegm and dampness ~Benefits the chest ~Clears phlegm from the Lung and alleviates cough & wheezing ~Clears phlegm from the Heart and calms the Spirit ~Activates the channel and alleviates painST-40 Luo FĒNGLÓNG (Abundant Bulge) ****~Clears Heat from the Stomach channel and fu ~Calms the Spirit ~Activates the channel and alleviates painST-41 Jing-River, Fire JIĚXĪ (Stream Divide) **~Clears Heat from the Stomach channel and alleviates pain ~Harmonizes the intestines and clears damp-Heat ~Calms the SpiritST-44 Ying-Spring, Water NÈITÍNG (Inner Courtyard) ***~Clears Heat from the Stomach channel ~Clears Heat, calms the Spirit and restores consciousnessST-45 Jing-Well, Metal LÌDUÌ (Strict Exchange) **~ Regulates the defensive Qi and adjusts sweating ~ Expels Wind and releases the exterior ~ Regulates the face, eyes, nose, mouth and ears ~ Activates the channel and alleviates pain ~ Induces labour ~ Restores the yangLI-4 Yuan-Source Cmd pt-Face/Mouth~ Expels Wind and clears Heat ~ Opens and regulates the water passagesLI-6 Luo~ Regulates Qi and Blood, activates the channel and alleviates pain ~ Harmonizes the intestines and StomachLI-10~ Clears Heat ~ Cools the Blood, eliminates Wind, drains Damp and alleviates itching ~ Regulates Qi and Blood ~ Activates the channel and alleviates painLI-11 He-Sea, Earth~ Dispels Wind-Damp, alleviates pain and benefits the shoulder joint ~ Eliminates Wind and regulates Qi and Blood ~ Regulates Qi and dissipates phlegm nodulesLI-15~ Opens the nasal passages ~ Expels Wind and clears HeatLI-20Host-Guest for sore throatLI4 + LU74 Gates: YangMing + JueYin both have closing quality, these pts enable Qi movementLI4 + LV3Regulate sweatingLI4 + KD7Both ascending (channels)LI4 + SP6Command pt of abdomen YangMing transformationLI4 + ST36Source & He-Sea treating rebellious Qi and Heat conditions, including acneLI4 + LI11~ Disseminates and descends Lung Qi and alleviates cough and wheezing ~ Transforms phlegm, clears heat and regulates the water passages ~ Descends Stomach QiLU-1 Mu pt~ Clears heat from the Lung and descends rebellious Qi ~ Regulates the water passages ~ Activates the channel ~ Relaxes the sinews and alleviates painLU-5 He-Sea, Water~ Disseminates and descends Lung Qi ~ Clears Heat and moistens the Lung ~ Clears Heat and stops bleeding ~ Moderates acute conditionsLU-6 Xi-Cleft~ Releases the exterior and expels wind ~ Promotes the descending function of the Lung ~ Pacifies wind and phlegm ~ Benefits the head and nape ~ Opens and regulates the Conception Vessel ~ Regulates the water passages ~ Activates the channel and alleviates painLU-7 Luo Master pt - Ren Cmd pt - Head/ Neck~ Water (cools/transforms) vs Xi-cleft (cools/moistens) vs Luo (disseminates) ~ All LU-Heat vs acute/bleeding vs ext. WindLU-5 vs LU-6 vs LU-7~ Tonifies the Lung and transforms phlegm ~ Promotes the descending function of the Lung ~ Regulates and harmonizes the 100 vessels ~ Activates the channel and alleviates painLU-9 Shu-Stream, Earth Source Hui-mtg Vessels~ Ext. excess vs Int. def. ~ Tx Qi vs Qi & Blood ~ Regulates emotions vs Resolves Phlegm ~ Regulates water passages vs NotLU-7 vs LU-9~ Benefits the throat ~ Clears Lung heat ~ Descends rebellious Qi ~ Harmonises the Stomach and HeartLU-10 Ying-Spring, Fire~ Revives consciousness ~ Clears heat and benefits the throatLU-11 Jing-Well, Wood