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Send the completed _____ along with your CV to this address.

application form

Over two hundred people _____ the job.

applied for

Will you confirm your _____ for Tuesday's meeting?


_____ include health insurance and free travel to work.


If we meet our sales targets, we get a _____.


Tom was interviewing _____ for the job of personal assistant.


She really wanted a _____ as a vet.


Work has begun on the _____ of a new airport.


Your _____ should not usually be more than two pages.


We are proud of our _____workforce.


The health service is one of the biggest _____.


Please return the completed form, _____ a recent photograph.


To apply, _____ and return it by 31 July.

fill in the form

_____ are particularly important to parents.

Flexible hours

The famine is causing a _____.

humanitarian crisis

We are sorry to _____ you that your application was unsucccessful.


She applied for the job and was called for an _____.


Heidi had a baby last month and is on _____ for a year.

maternity leave

How much do you pay a year for your golf club _____?


We get fifteen days' _____ a year.

paid holiday

We operate a company _____.

pension scheme

The company pays for _____ for its employees.

private healthcare

We made a large _____ from the sale.


The _____ of skilled staff has been difficult.


One of my ex-students asked me to act as a _____.


She was _____, but didn't get the job.


Our employees benefit from _____.

subsidized childcare

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