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Daguerreotype-it records a seemingly deserted boulevard in produced a single permanent image directly on a prepared copper plate.

Le Boulevard du Temple
Louis Jacques Mande

. Done as chloride print- became known as "pure" or "straight" photography. could not crop or manipulate photos

The Steerage
Alfred Stieglitz

Ansel Adams. Gelatin Silver Print- his love for nature and believed that a good photographer had to visualize the final composition in advance

Autumn Tree against Cathedral rocks, yosemite

Dorothea Lange. photographer that got sent out to record conditions across the nation. took place during the depression and the draught.

Migrant Mother

Henry Peach Robinson. Albumen Composite Print
this image was made from five composite negatives. the people are actors who were carefully staged to pose.

Fading Away

Winsor McCay. Pixilation is the process of animating objects- early filmmakers. projected on larged sketchpad on an easel. first one to have distinuished personality 12-24 drawings required per second

Gertie the Trained Dinosaur

. Rayogram, silver salt print. formed by the ideas of dada.

Man Ray,Champs delicieux


when an object is placed on a paper would leave its own shadow in white when the paper darkened upon exposure to light.

Untitled. Print. used photography to create images of herself as someone else. the characters seem to represent types rather than individuals

Cindy Sherman

Nam June Paik. closed circuit video installation with bronze sculpture, monitor; and video camera. dimensions vary with installation

TV buddha

Cover for UCLA, is an advanced designer who writes his own code instead of following someone elses. Maeda's designs are known for their clarity and simplicity. computer generated design

John Maeda

. poster, lithograph printed in 4 colors

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, La Goulue at the Moulin Rouge

, crow camp modern print from a negative- moment in life of native americans.
distant places, dramatic affect on capturing lifestyle

richard throssel

uses artifitial lighting-albumer, and does this as a hobby. plays and manipulates with lihtin to add depth and enhance environment.

Julia Margaret Cameron

substrata- Thomas Ruff

under layers. difficult to decipher individually

Robert Mapplethorpe- censorship

X-Portfolio, homoerotic pictures

Andreas Gursky. Shanghai c-print. large photographs-large scale

video about the Audi tt sedan- -post spectacular. used processing to create a virtual wind tunnel

matt pyke and karsten schmidt- british designers

makes visual the evolution of graffiti sites over time-artists paint over each other.

Cassidy Curtis. Graffiti Archaeology. interactive website

allowed his users to quickly gain some understanding of contents of an unknown text.

W. Bradford Paley. A TextArc of Alices adventures in wonderland


A program that displays the entire text of a book on a single screen and allows users to explore relationships between its words.

combines words and images in the manner of a poster or advertisement. creates unexpected and often unsettling images.

Barbara Kruger: untitled: your gaze hits the side of my face

project for the fake nike monument was in.....

Bienna Austria 2005

brings together programmers, artists, musicians, animators, and architects to create digital artworks born from and influenced by sound. "sound sculptures"

fernando sarmiento and thomas garcia

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