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amino acids

building blocks of proteins

basal metabolic rate

amount of energy needed to maintain life when the body is at rest

bland diet

easily digested foods that don't irritate digestive tract




unit that measures the amount of energy contained within the chemical bonds of different foods


main source of energy for the body


fat in animal products like meat, cheese, and eggs

complete proteins

proteins that contain all amino acids

empty calories

found in foods like candy, dont have a nutritional value


a natural oily or greasy substance


found in plant foods like cereal, whole grain breads, beans and peas, other vegetables and fruit


in drinking water, needed for bones and teeth

food guide pyramid

represents the five food groups, as well as fats and oils


high density lipoprotein- remove excess cholesterol from cells and carries it back to liver to be broken down

incomplete proteins

proteins that do not contain all amino acids


in shellfish and iodized salt, needed to make thyroid hormone


in liver, lean meats, needed to make hemoglobin


low density lipoprotein- carries fat to cells

liquid diet

clear or full of liquids


source of energy

low cholesterol diet

restrict foods high in saturated fat


use of food nutrients by the body to produce energy


from inorganic compounds in food


a substance that provides nourishment essential for growth and the maintenance of life




source of energy


vomiting and laxative abuse

recommended daily Allowances

chart that lists recommended intake of vitamins and minerals

regular diet



the indigestible part of food



sodium restricted diet

reduced salt intake

trace element

present in very small amounts, toxic levels are close to healthy levels


biologically active organic compound

vitamin A

fat soluble, can be stored in the body

vitamin K

fat soluble, can be stored in the body

vitamin C

water soluble, can't be stored, excess excreted by the body

vitamin B1

water soluble, can't be stored, excess excreted by the body

Vitamin D

fat soluble, can be stored in the body


Essential nutrient

Anorexia nervosa

serious mental disorder, mostly in teenage females


loss of appetite


episodic binge eating followed by purging

deficiency diseases

fluorine- tooth decay, iodine- enlarged thyroid, iron- anemia


state of poor nutrition due to diet or illness


weighs 15% more than optimal body weight for gender, height, and bone structure

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