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CE.5 The Political Process

functions of political parties
- recruiting and nominating candidates
- educating the people about campaign issues
- helping candidates win election
- monitoring actions of office holders
The American political process is characterized by...
...a two-party system
...rarely win elections.
Third parties...
similarities between political parties
- organize to win elections
- influence public policy
- reflect both liberal and conservative views on the political spectrum
- defines themselves in a way to win majority support
center of the political spectrum
where the most voters are found; political parties try to appeal to them
differences between political parties
found in a party's platform and reflected in their campaigning
stated goals of a political party
third parties
- introduce new ideas
- often revolve around a political personality
examples of third parties
- Green Party
- Constitution Party
- Libertarian Party
Teddy Roosevelt
a political personality associated with third parties
why voters must evaluate information presented to them in political campaigns
to make informed choices among candidates
Strategies for evaluating campaign literature
- separating fact from opinion
- detecting bias
- identifying propaganda
- evaluating sources
role of the mass media in elections
- identifying candidates
- emphasizing selected issues
- writing editiorials, creating political cartoons, publishing op-ed pieces and posting to social media & blogs
- broadcasting different points of view
Running for political office is...
Effects of Rising Campaign Costs
- require candidates to conduct extensive fund raising
- limit opportunities to run for public office
- give an advantage to the wealthy
- encorage the development of PACs & Super PACs
- give special interest groups increased influence
Political Action Committee
campaign finance reform
limits exist on the amount individuals may contribute to candidates and campaigns; however, individuals, businesses & unions can donate unlimited amounts to PACs & SuperPACs
court case that determined unlimited amounts could be given to PACs & SuperPACs
Citizen's United vs Federal Elections Committee
Legislation & Constitutional amendments that grant citizens the right to vote
- 15th amendment
- 19th amendment
- 23rd amendment
- 24th amendment
- 26th amendment
- Voting Rights Act of 1965
required before a citizen may vote
Qualifications to register to vote in Virginia
- 18 years of age by the general election
- U.S. citizen
- resident of Virginia and your precinct
How to register to vote in Virginia
- registrar's office
- by mail
- online
where to get a mail in voter registration application
- public library
- state/local government offices, etc.
Registration closes...
...22 days before elections
factors that predict who will vote
- age
- education
- income
reasons citizens fail to vote
- lack of interest (in candidates or issues)
- failure to register
- belief that your vote doesn't count or will have no impact
- no time/too busy
there is usually greater turn out at these elections
Students can participate in the democratic process by:
- participating in campaigns
- participating in classroom & online simulations
system used to elect the president and vice president
electoral college
how electors are chosen for each state
chosen by each political party and after the election, the electors cast their official votes
which slate of electors casts the official vote in most states
that of the party that wins the popular vote
the winner take all system results in this
the targeting of densley populated states for campaigning
when less populated & swing states still matter
in tight elections
each states electors are equal to that state's -
congressional representation
how most states distribute electoral votes
"winner take all" system that awards the votes to the winning candidate
Why does the electoral college favor a two party system?
candidates need 270 electoral votes (a majority) to win

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