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Carbon cycle 7th grade science

7th grade science
organism that produces its own food.
a living thing.
a form of life.
An outburst or outbreak as in, eruption of a valcano.
Small peices of material that have broken off of rocks and have been deposited by water, wind, and ice.
Sedimentary rock
Rock formed when sediment is pressed and cemented together naturally, over millions of years.
Fossil Fuels
Fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. These fuels are formed over millions of years from the remains of old plants and animals.
Rock made mostly from calcium carbonate from the skeletons of marine (water) organisms.
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
A gas made up of 1 carbon and 2 oxygen atoms.
Carbon dioxide-oxygen cyle
The continual transfer of carbon dioxide and oxygen between living things and the environment.
Plants use energy from the sun to convert, or change, carbon dioxide and water into sugars.
Global Warming
An increase in the earth's average temperature that causes changes in the climate.
Why is it important the study the carbon cycle?
So we can see how human activity may lead to global warming.
When we cut down trees and burn wood, the carbon in them becomes carbon dioxide and enters the atmosphere.
Burning fossil fuels from the ground for energy so we can run cars, produce electricity, and manufacture goods.
when plants and animals release carbon to the atmosphere.