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Comprehensive list of research related terms. (Thanks, Lauren, for creating this flashcard set for me [and your fellow students]).
Accuracy Of Sources
This includes direct relation to the topic, currency of information, author's expertise, reputation of publication, and inclusion of supporting information.
This involves one or more reasons presented by a speaker or a writer to lead the audience or reader to a logical conclusion.
Author's Purpose
This is the reason for creating written work.
This is the ability to trust something as true or credible.
This is a prejudice that is leaning toward a positive or negative judgment on something; a personal judgment or opinion about a particular person, position, or thing.
Bibliographic Reference
This is a note or citation to a publication, book or article, etc.
This is a list of written works or other sources on a particular subject.
This is the notation of a source used for a paper.
This wraps up a piece of writing and reminds readers of the thesis.
This is the framework of meaning which surrounds a specific word, sentence, idea, or passage.
Context Analysis
This is a method of breaking down the meaning of a word (or phrase) by working with the text or passage in which the word is used.
Cultural Elements
This includes language, ideologies, beliefs, values, and norms. These elements help to shape the life of a society.
Direct Quotation
This is the exact repetition of someone's written or spoken words.
Electronic Resource
This is something that can be accessed online or by computer and is used for support or to help.
This is a comprehensive reference work containing articles on a wide range of subjects or on numerous aspects of a particular field, usually arranged alphabetically.
This is placing a value or rank on a piece of writing or speaking.
This is a list found in the back of a book that gives definitions of unusual or hard words found in the text.
Graphic Organizer
This is a pictorial way of representing knowledge. It is used to help organize ideas and present information.
This is reading between the lines. It is taking something that you read and putting it together with something that you already know to make sense of what you read.
This is an examination into the facts; research questioning.
This is the global system of interconnected computers and networks used to find the most recent information.
Internet Search
This is the process of entering one or more keywords into a special webpage (such as Google or Yahoo) in order to find other webpages containing specific information.
This is first-hand information relayed by a source used for research.
This is the main means of mass communication.
Nonprint Information
This can be found in resources other than written materials.
This is a statement that reflects a writer's belief about a topic , and it cannot be proved.
Organization In writing
this is the trait of order, structure and presentation of information; It is the writing trait which measures logical sequencing of ideas, details, or events.
This is the restatement of a written work in one's own words that keeps the basic meaning of the original work.
This is a publication issued at regular intervals of more than one day.
This is a writer's point of view about a particular subject, and is often influenced by their beliefs or by events in their lives.
Point Of View
This is the perspective from which a story is told.
This is the act of forecasting something that may (or may not) occur later.
This is a prepared performance, report, or demonstration for an audience.
Primary Source
This is an original document or firsthand account.
Quotation Mark
s These are used to enclose direct quotations and to designate titles of short works (like newspaper and magazine articles, poems, short stories, songs, episodes of television and radio programs, and subdivisions of books or web sites).
This is a source used to find information.
This is an adjective that implies a thing closely relates to or is on the same subject matter; appropriate to the situation.
This of a research source refers to the accuracy of the information contained in the source.
This is the process of gathering, evaluating, and organizing information.
Research Topic
This is a limited topic within a general topic that can be adequately covered within the length of a particular assignment.
This is something that can be used for support or to help.
Secondary Source
This is a commentary on an original document or firsthand account.
A person, book, document, website or record that provides information.
A research __________ is any material that can be used to locate information about a given topic.
In expository writing, this is the main point or central idea that a writer states and then endeavors to prove valid by means of a systematic argument.
Thesis Statement
This is the way in which the main idea of a literary work is expressed, usually as a generalization that is supported with concrete evidence.
This is the specific part of a subject that is dealt with in a research paper or in an essay.
Topic Sentence
This is a one-sentence summary of a paragraph's main point.
This is a statement that is sound or just, well-founded.
This of a source means the accuracy of the information. Is it up-to-date, written by a reliable author, contained in a reputable publication, and directly related to the topic?