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Mr. Bennet

-Husband and father of five daughters
- lives at tbe Longbourn estate (modest income)
--generally a passive observer
- The Bennets have been married twenty-three years.

Mrs. Bennet

-Married to Mr. Bennet
-devoted to finding rich men with good social status.
--rude, pushy, foolish

Elizabeth Bennet

*main character
- 2nd oldest
--witty, compassionate, not afraid to stand up for herself
-good-looking, distinguished by her fine eyes.
--symbolic of her abilities of perception.
*She has pride in her abilities to perceive the truth of situations and of people's characters.
*However, her perceptive abilities fail her frequently because she is influenced by vanity and judges people rashly.

Jane Bennet

oldest daughter
--beautiful, amiable, hides her feelings! and kind-hearted
---- marries Charles Bingley

Charles Bingley

Wealthy, good-tempered, not as concerned with class, moves to Netherfield Park
- attracted to Jane Bennet.
--- Leaves abruptly and takes up residence in London (thinks about getting engaged to Georgiana Darcy, but returns for Jane)

Fitzwilliam Darcy

Wealthy bachelor, about twenty-eight, lives at the Pemberley estate, in Derbyshire.
- in time, he falls in love with Elizabeth, finding her intelligent and attractive with an independent spirit.
- supposed to marry Lady Catherine's daughter... Caroline also likes him

Lydia Bennet

-Outspoken, irresponsible daughter
-She is an incessant talker who is "untamed, unabashed, wild, noisy, and fearless" (Chapter 51).
--is enthralled with the young military officers stationed at Meryton and eventually runs away with George Wickham.

George Wickham

--Handsome, charming deceives Elizabeth into believing that Darcy cheated him out of an inheritance.
-- tried to elope with Georgiana Darcy
-Military man at Meryton, runs off with Lydia.
-- Darcy forces him to marry Lydia

Darcy & Wickham

- Wickham was an orphan that lived with the late Mr. Darcy
--Wickham was asked to go into the clergy, but refused and took the money instead
- when he'd gambled it all away, wanted more $ from Fitzwillam Darcy (who refused)
-- as revenge, Wickham tried to elope with Georgiana Darcy

Caroline Bingley

Snobbish single sister of Charles Bingley.
-looks down upon the Bennets and belittles Jane/Elizabeth
-- wants to marry Darcy and is jealous of Elizabeth
-helps break up Jane and Bingley so her brother can marry Darcy's sister, thus bringing the families even closer

Mrs. Louisa Bingley Hurst

-Charles Bingley's Married sister
-- can play the paino

Colonel FitzWilliam Darcy

-cousin of Darcy
-- one of the younger sons in his family- therefore needed a job
- likeable, enjoys walks with Elizabeth and mentions Darcy broke up an imprudent marraige for a friend

Edward Gardiner

-Brother of Mrs. Bennet
-exhibits refinement and good judgment
-- him and his wife are a foil to mrs/mr Bennet
- calm, level headed, polite

Mrs. Gardiner

-Eloquent, calm, regal
-favorite of the Bennet girls & Jane stays with them while in London

Mrs. Phillips

-Sister of Mrs. Bennet.
--Lydia and her sisters visit her often at her home in Meryton.
- likes to gossip and shares news about the soldiers

Mr. Phillips

He took over the law office of the deceased father of Mrs. Bennet and Mrs. Phillips

Anne de Bourgh

Daughter of Lady Catherine.

Rev. Mr. Collins

- Pompous, distant cousin of Mr. Bennet.
-next in line to inherit the Bennet property
-- proposes to Elizabeth.
- days after she turns him down, he marries Charlotte Lucas.
-obsessed with Lady Catherine

Georgiana Darcy

Sixteen-year-old sister of Darcy (of Pemberley).

Sir William and Lady Lucas

Good friends of the Bennets

Charlotte Lucas

-one of the Lucas daughters, Elizabeth's best friend.
-practical_she marries Colllins because of practicality
-warns Jane of being too secretive of her feelings
- gives Collins silly hobbies (gardening, watching for catherine, reading, walking) to keep him busy and away from her

Maria Lucas

-sister of Charlotte
- travels with Jane to Collins' house

Mrs. Long **not important

Neighbor of Mrs. Bennet.
-Mrs. Bennet both vilifies and praises her, depending on whether she acts against or in accord with Mrs. Bennet's wishes

Nieces of Mrs. Long

Young ladies whom Mrs. Bennet regards as rivals to her own daughters in their attempts to win the attentions of young bachelors

Colonel Forster

A commander in the militia regiment at Meryton
-responsible man, tries to do all that he possibly can to help the Bennets recover Lydia after her elopement with Wickham.
-Lydia was under his care

Harriet Forster

Young wife of Colonel Forster.
- friends with Lydia Bennet & invites her to spend the summer with them in Brighton.
---clearly not very responsible in her supervision of Lydia, and seems to have a rather frivolous character

Mr. Denny

Member of the militia regiment at Meryton and an acquaintance of Wickham and firend of the Bennet girls.

Captain Carter

Member of the militia regiment at Meryton. Lydia Bennet is attracted to him before she turns her attention to George Wickham

Mrs. Hill

The Bennets' housekeeper

Mrs. Reynolds

Housekeeper at Pemberley

Mrs. Jenkins

Companion of Lady Catherine's daughter, Anne

Nieces of Mrs. Jenkins

Young ladies for whom Lady Catherine finds a governess

Mary King

Wealthy young lady who Wickham tried to pursue

Mr. Morris

Owner of Netherfield Park, which he rents to Charles Bingley


Servant of Mr. and Mrs. Phillips.

Miss Younge

-Georgiana Darcy's governess
--conspired with Wickham to get Georgiana to elope with him.
--*Darcy bribes her to tell him the whereabouts of Wickham and Lydia.

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