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Although Janie filled Reeve in on the details about what she had discovered, why wasn't he comfortable about finding the Spring family from the milk carton?

Because it could hurt their relationship or Janie's parents.

Why was Reeve worried about his parents?

Because they would get the wrong idea about why they were gone.

Why did Reeve tell Janie about his problems growing up with his super-achiever brothers and sisters?

He thought she would understand and he wanted somebody to listen to him for once.

What made Janie feel Reeve loved her?

When he looked into her eyes.

What did Reeve think the Springs would do if Janie rang the doorbell?

That they would call the police if they rang the doorbell.

How could this affect Janie's parents?

She would be separated from them and possibly put them in jail.

What did Janie and Reeve learn when they drove by the Springs' house?

That Janie might have brothers.

How did this tie into Janie's daymares?

Made Janie remember children sitting in high chairs when she spilled milk.

Although Reeve and Janie registered at the motel, they did not stay. Explain what made them change their minds.

They couldn't go through with it.

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