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A guide to computer user support for help desk and support specialists - Fred Beisse - Cengage 4th

Incident Management

well-defined, formal process that help desk staff follow

Call Management

describes the steps in handling telephone contacts between end user & support agents

1. Receive incident
2. Prescreen incident
3. Authenticate user
4. Log incident
5. Screen incident
6. Prioritize incident
7. Assign to agent
8. Track incident
9. Escalate incident
10. Resolve problem
11. Close incident
12. Archive incident

12 steps in Incident Management

Receive incident (1)

establish relationship, greeting/intro paragraph, confirm org. & agent name - all may be automated

Prescreen incident (2)

done @ level 1 manually / automated


filtering process that helps agents to ID & respond

Authenticate user (3)

used 2 filter who has a legitimate claim 2 support & @ what level

Authentication Procedure

determining whether help desk is authorized 2 handle incident

Log incident (4)



step in which agent begins documenting the incident & its related problem

Screen incident (5)

categorize & describe with a brief written description (summary)


step in which staff member asks a series of questions 2 see if incident is a request 4 info, a question, or a problem (categorize)

Prioritize incident (6)

assigning of priority code based on category & nature of problem

Priority Code

indicates how serious problem is


most urgent code


waiting line

Assign incident (7)

level 1 assigns 2 other staff member / automated system moves to another queque

Track incident (8)

updating incident info record when new info received


process of updating incident record with info about a problem as it progresses

evaluating quality of support

What tracking is good for

Escalate incident (9)

when attempts 2 resolve are unsuccessful


process in which a problem is transferred 2 a higher level of support

Resolve incident (10)

done 2 user's satisfaction


step in which user's problem is solved

Close incident (11)

ending, thank 4 calling, get other forms of contact, & possible additional log entries


step in which agent reviews solution steps & agrees with user that solution was reached

Archive incident (12)

retaining & possible incorporation into help desk knowledge base


database/paper file used 2 store & retain records, may be analyzed 4 problem statistics

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