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  1. El/La dependiente
  2. De algodón
  3. ¿Cómo le queda la camisa?
  4. Te queda muy bien. Y está a la (última) moda.
  5. Un abrigo
  1. a made of cotton
  2. b Coat
  3. c It looks good on you. And it's in (the latest) style.
  4. d Sales clerk
  5. e How does this shirt fit you?

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  1. What clothes are you wearing today?
  2. It closes at 7
  3. I want to return this skirt. I need it in another color
  4. This purse is a bargain, isn't it?
  5. Very nice. I'd also like to buy a sweater.

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  1. unos pantalonessandals


  2. un vestidoCoat


  3. ¿A qué hora cierra la tienda?What clothes are you wearing today?


  4. Busco una camisa de sedat-shirt


  5. un sombreroCoat


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