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  1. unos pantalones cortos
  2. Quiero devolver esta falda. La necesito en otro color
  3. De algodón
  4. una camiseta
  5. ¿Y el/la...? ¡Cuesta ochenta dólares!
  1. a I want to return this skirt. I need it in another color
  2. b t-shirt
  3. c What about this? It costs $80!
  4. d made of cotton
  5. e shorts

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  1. made of wool
  2. Sales clerk
  3. You're right. It's very inexpensive
  4. How can I help you?
  5. It fits well/poorly. I need a bigger/smaller size

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  1. Para hombres/mujeres/niñosfor men/women/children


  2. unos zapatos de tenistennis shoes


  3. La/El Clientemade of wool


  4. ¿A qué hora cierra la tienda?What time does the store close?


  5. Qué numero/talla usa?What clothes are you wearing today?