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A best friend of the tennis court can also be a fierce ______________________ on it.


Gossiping and backbiting are bad habits that are bound to _________________ friends.


Even the most renouned art experts were completely taken in by the forger's _________________ .


Dictators try to ______________ their subjects in to obedience by threatening them or their families with punishment.


It is a mistake to assume that everyone who refuses to go to war is a _____________ who lacks patriotism.


Cooking shows on television have helped many people to master the secrets of the ________________ arts.


Crime labs can determine whether an attempt has been made to _____________ material from audiotapes.


Traditionally, the tolling of church bells has announced the _____________________ of a monarch.


The first landing on the moon, in the summer of 1969, ________________________ the nation.


After a month without a date, I decided that my social life was definitely in a _________________ period .

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