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Illinois State Constitution

Things to know about the Illinois Constitution. Comments are appreciated :D
Which branch has the job of making the laws?
legislative branch
What are the square districts in Illinois called?
legislative districts
How many State Senators are there in Illinois?
How many State Representatives are there in Illinois?
General Assembly
When does the Illinois legislature meet?
the second Wednesday of January.
What is the main body of the Legislative Branch?
General Assembly
How many members are there in the General Assembly?
How are the members of the General Assembly chosen?
How old do you have to be to be in the General Assembly?
How long do you have to be a resident of your district before the election for the General Assembly?
2 years
Define quorum.
How many Legislative members must be present in order to hold a session?
Each house determines their own________.
rules and procedures
No member can be expelled from the General Assembly unless they have a vote of how many against them?
How long can member of the General Assembly be imprisoned?
24 hours
How are the Senate and the House of Reps. organized?
How many Legislative districts are there in Illinois?
How many Senators does each district get?
How many Representatives does each district get?
The General Assembly conducts __________.
The General Assembly submits __________.
constitutional amendment for the people
The General Assembly acts on___________.
amendments to the Federal Constitution
Whose appointments does the General Assembly have to approve?
The Governor's
Which house tries impeachment cases?
Which house approves appointments made by the Governor?
True or false: General Assembly members can run unlimited terms.
How long is a term as State Senator?
4 years
In what years do elections for the the General Assembly occur?
even-numbered years
1/2 the State Senate is elected every ___ years.
2 years
Who is the presiding officer of the State Senate?
The President of the Senate
How long is a term as State Representative?
2 years
How many State Representatives are there from each district?
How is the President of the Senate chosen?
elected by senators
Who is the presiding officer of the State House of Representatives?
The Speaker of the House
How is the State Speaker of the House chosen?
elected by representatives
Which house has the sole power of impeachment?
House of Representatives
Define impeachment.
to charge an official with wrongdoing
For a bill to become a law it has to pass _________, and be signed by the ___________.
both houses; Governor
To override a Governor's veto, it takes a vote of _______.
3/5s by both houses
For a bill to have passed the General Assembly, it must have received what kind of vote?
How long does a Governor have to approve/reject a bill?
60 days
If the Governor fails to act on the bill, what happens?
it automatically passes
Define lobby.
Organized groups that seek to influence lawmakers
How many offices can you hold as Senator?
Who was Illinois discovered by?
Marquette and Joliet
In what year was Illinois discovered?
Which State is Illinois?
What are the 3 Illinois capital cities in order?
Kaskaskia, Vandalia, Springfield
How many constitutions has Illinois had?
When was the present constitution ratified?
When did the present constitution go into effect?
July 1,1971
What are 3 responsibilities given to the states by the U.S. Constitution.
1. local elections 2. schools 3. marriage laws
What are the 2 ways the Illinois Constitution an be amended?
constitutional convention and the General Assembly.
How old do you have to be in order to be Governor?
How long do you have to be a resident of the state before your election as Governor?
3 years
Who is first in line as Governor?
Lieutenant Governor
Who is second in line as Governor?
Attorney General
Who is third in line as Governor?
Secretary of State
Who is the chief executive of the state government?
Who can give pardons, reprieves, and commutations?
Define pardon.
To forgive a person of a crime.
Define reprieve.
To delay the carrying out of a sentence of a crime.
Who is commander and chief of the state militia?
How long is the term for Governor in Illinois?
4 years
True or false: the Governor has unlimited elections.
How long do you have to be a resident of the district before voting?
30 days
How long do you have to be a registered voter before the election?
28 days
A person can't vote if they are ________.
in jail or are convicted of a felony.
When is the General Election?
The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November in even-numbered years.
Who is the keeper of the Great Seal of Illinois?
Secretary of State
Which office has more direct contact with the people of Illinois than any other?
Secretary of State
Who gives legal advice to executive officers?
Attorney General
Who issues drivers licenses, vehicle plates, and maintains records?
Secretary of State
Who is the State Librarian?
Secretary of State
Who is the state archivist?
Secretary of State
What is the term for any executive officer?
4 years
Who is the State's Chief Fiscal Control Officer
How old do you have to be to be an executive officer?
How long do you have to be a resident of the state before you become an executive officer?
3 years
Which branch has to administer justice, interpret the meaning of the law and the Constitution of Illinois, and settles disputes?
Judicial Branch
Which court has only original jurisdiction?
circuit Court
Which court has appellate jurisdiction and original jurisdiction?
Supreme Court
Are state court judges appointed or elected?
How long is the term of a Circuit court judge?
6 years
How long is the term for a appellate judge?
10 years
How long is the term for a Supreme Court judge?
10 years
Which court is the true trial court?
circuit court
To be a state court judge you must be a licensed________.
attorney of the state
To be a state court judge you must be a resident_______.
of the district from which you are elected
What happens if 3/5s approval isn't obtained when a judge runs for re election?
The judge is replaced.