Learners Permit Questions Pt.1

Minimum fine for littering on highway
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Driver at least 21- convicted 2 times in 5 years sentenced to atleast _____ in jail10 daysDriver under 21 convicted of 3rd DUI offense in 5 years- license will be suspended for ____3 yearsDriver under 21 convicted of 3rd DUI offense in 5 years is required to pay fine of$1000Driver at least 21- max fine for 3rd DUI in 5 years is$5000I'd license is suspended and get DUI charge you serve _____ in jail48 hoursIf convicted of DUI offense that causes serious injury or death to another person you serve _____ in jail25 yearsConvicted of manslaughter resulting in traffic accident your license will be revoked for ____1 yearReckless driving 3 times w/ a year license will be revoked for1 yearDial *HP on cell to report ___A traffic accidentLicense suspension for a conviction under the states implied consent law or uniform controlled substance act- license reinstatement fee is$75License suspended for Not paying child support- reinstatement fee is ___$25If you choose NOT to hold an Auto Insurance Policy on your vehicle- you can deposit securities of a certificate of deposit worth _______ w/ state treasurer$15000If you have an accident that caused death injury or $1000 in dams he you have ___ days to pay60Auto Insurance Policy must include at least ______ per accident in property damage$25000Auto Insurance Policy must include atleast _____ per accident in bodily injury coverage$50000Under age 17- hold learners permit for ____ or turn 17 before you can get licensd12 monthsClass R Drivers license must be16 and a half years oldIf married under ____ must provide proof and/or enrolled in school18 years oldA vehicle horn can be heard from ____ ft away200