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LDS Temples

Swiss Temple
-Dedicated in 1955,
-First Oversees Temple
Los Angeles
-Dedicated in 1956 by David O Mckay
-Biggest Temple square footage wise
Arizona Temple
-Dedicated in 1927
-In 1945 ordinances were presented for the first time in a language other that English.
School of the Prophets
-Opened 3 years before the dedication of the Kirtland Temple.
-"Solemn Assembly" designed to prepare and sanctify those who would go forth and preach.
-Met above the Newel K. Whitney store.
Kirtland Temple
-Dedicated in 1836,
-Consisted of two assemply rooms: Chapel and Instruction
Nauvoo Temple
-Dedicated in 1845
-Consisted of two assemply rooms and the first temple with a baptistry.
-The practice of vicatious baptisms for the dead was taught for the first time in the present dispensation on August 15, 1840.
Red Brick Store
-The Relief Society was organized here in 1842
-The first endowments were given here.
Endowment House
-Endowments were given here from 1851-1854
-Originally Called the Coucil House
St. Goerge
-Brigham Young Prophesied 6 years before the city was even founded that there would be a temple in this land.
-The first endowments for the dead commenced in the St Goerge temple, with Elder Woodruff baptizing and confirming the fist 141.
-100 founding fathers and other prominant men were baptized.
Logan Temple
-Dedicated in 1884
Salt Lake Temple broke ground
SLC Temple was dedicated.
Salt Lake Temple
-Dedicated in 1893
-Consists of an Assembly room, a General Authorities coucil room, room for presenting the endowmnet, and a baptistry.
How did temple building in this period reflect general trends in the Latter-day Saint history?
The church was reaching new borders so did the need for temples in those areas.
Alberta Canada Temple
-Dedicated in 1923
-First temple outside of the United States was erected in Canada.
How did the design of the Hawaii, Alberta, Arizona, and Idaho Falls temple differ from the rest?
-They would not be adorned with towers, they would be smaller and they would not include a large assembly room.
Hawaii Temple was dedicated.
Hawaii Temple
-Dedicated at 1919
-Consists of endowment rooms and a baptistry
-34 Temples were dedicated this year (most in one year) and the 100th temple was dedicated this year.
-Revelation given in Kirland Temple that the dead might yet inherit the celestial kingdom
-Heavenly Messangers restore keys
1902: "Bureau of Information" opens on Temple square
1942: Family group form introduced
1969: "name Tabulation" computerized system for submitting individual names inaugurated
1978: "Name extraction" introduced into stakes
1986: Personal ancestral file (PAF) developed for use on home computers
1987: Family history replaces Genealogy
1990: Family Search introduced in fifteen hundred family history centers.(branch geneological libraries)
*The International Genealogical index was originally known as the computer file index.
-Name extraction introduced into stakes
-Sau Paulo Temple dedicated in Brazil
-House of the Lord-James E Talmage
-The Holy Temple-Boyd K Packer
Sealings of children to their parents performed for the first time
Joseph F Smtih
Performs ordincances in the endowment house, prophesies temples in europe, announces temple in canada, selects alberta site, dedicates hawaii site, temple work during the millennium, vision of Saviors work in the spirit world.
David O Mckay
Directs eastward orientation of the angel moroni statue, dedicates many temples.
Gordon B Hincley
Supervises preperation of temple films, dedicates many temples.
Caravans/ Excursions
A group of cars/ people taking off from one area to go to the neartest temple.
Tabernacle of Moses
-The innermost room was called the "most holy place" or the "holy of holies"
-It was seperated from the "holy place" by a veil.
-Only the priests were allowed to enter the tabernacle
-Only the high priest was allowed to enter the holy of holies on Yom Kippur
Truman O. Angel
Jr- Logan temple architect, proposes changes in SLC design
Sr- Kirtland temple vision, architect for SLC, architect for endowment house, architectural mission to Europe, plans logan and manti temple, explains big dipper on slc temple design.
Wilford Woodruff
First ordinances for the dead, recalls 12 recieving keys, dedicates nauvoo temple, presides on st goerge temple work, prepares written text for endowment, lays SLC capstone, vision of millenium temples, geneology
Lorenzo Snow
dedicates manti temple, president of Salt Lake Temple, see's the Savior, prophesies for future temples, on performing ordinances.
Salt Lake Temples Symbols
-3 towers on the East represent the first presidency
-3 towers on the West represent the presiding bishop and his two councelors.
-Towers on the east represent the Melchezidek priesthood, and the towers on the west represent the aaronic priesthood.
Salt Lake Temples CNT
-50 Earth stones represent the need for the gospel around the earth.
-Moon stone thats half way up the buttress, and a sun stone near the top to represent the three degree of glory.
-Moon stones run through the moon phases and get interrupted at 50, landing on april 6th.
-East center tower has cloud stones with light rays pertruding representing the gospel.
-The keystone above the upper window depicts the all seeing eye of God.
-Clasped hands are reminders of the power of brotherly love
-Above the windows of the west tower are is a representation of the Big dipper, giving all hope of returning to him.