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11 terms

Exam 3: 4/4

Linear Regression
the best summary of the linear relationship between two variables
r score indicating a significant relationship
Regression Line
reflects the "perfect" version of the linear relationship
Predicted value; mean
regression line uses the ---- of Y at each X instead of the ---- of Y
Regression equation
produces the predicted value of Y at each X
Y' = bX + a
Regression equation
slope and y intercept
two components of the regression equation
slope (b)
summarizes the rate at which Y values change as X increases and the direction of that change
rate; direction of change
slope summarizes the --- at which Y values change as X increases and the ----
Y intercept (a)
the starting point from which the Y scores change; point at which regression line would intercept the Y axis
fall outside of the range of variables tested
cannot make predictions for scores that ----- by using the regression equation