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  1. wright brothers
  2. Joseph Glidden
  3. prohibition
  4. Reservations
  5. muckrakers
  1. a in 1915 the state went dry 5 years before the federal gov tried
  2. b 1st successful airplain
  3. c writers who wrote about what was wrong in america
  4. d invented barbwire
  5. e places where Indians were forced to live by government

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  1. wrote the Jungle about the meat industry which led to the FDA
  2. last progressive pres in ww1
  3. came from Eastern/Southern Europe 25 million
  4. (r) progressive, largest pres ever elected
  5. bought from russia for 7.2 million.

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  1. grover clevelandwanted to use gov to bring about change


  2. rutherford b. hayes(r) compromise of 1877 made him president


  3. samuel morseinvented the telegraph and morris code


  4. andrew carnegiemade fortune in steel/gave most money to charity


  5. theodore rooseveltwanted to use gov to bring about change