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  1. progressives
  2. theodore roosevelt
  3. william howard taft
  4. panama canal
  5. name 4 men killed in office in order
  1. a wanted to use gov to bring about change
  2. b lincoln, garfield, mckinley, and kennedy(jfk)
  3. c (r) pres after mckinley waskilled; a progressive, trust buster (supp fda)
  4. d by a treaty with panama the us built the canal to connect the atlantic and pacific ocean
  5. e (r) progressive, largest pres ever elected

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  1. workers refuse to work
  2. gave women right to vote
  3. created to control the consumption of alcohaul
  4. improved the lightbulb and invented 1000 things
  5. black soldiers who fought in the West

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  1. henry fordinvented wireless-radio


  2. richard i manningdestructio to cuba led the us to declare war on spain


  3. benjamin ryan tillmanfarmers alliance in sc latr governor and senator


  4. muckrakerswriters who wrote about what was wrong in america


  5. john d. rockefellercreated standard oil/first monopoly; worlds first billionaire