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  1. buffalo soldiers
  2. new immigration
  3. guam, wake, puerto rico, and the phillipines
  4. pendelton act
  5. samuel morse
  1. a created by federal civilservice and ended the spoils system
  2. b were taken by us for bases at end of spanish american war
  3. c came from Eastern/Southern Europe 25 million
  4. d invented the telegraph and morris code
  5. e black soldiers who fought in the West

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  1. shortest war us fought spain to free cuba
  2. from sc headed the womens rights movement
  3. became heros in short spanish american war
  4. came form Northern/western Europe
  5. made fortune in steel/gave most money to charity

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  1. corporationlarge company tht has a charter and can issue stock


  2. uss mainedestructio to cuba led the us to declare war on spain


  3. chester arthurplaces where Indians were forced to live by government


  4. strikeorganization of workers


  5. rutherford b. hayes(r) compromise of 1877 made him president