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  1. woodrow wilson
  2. prohibition
  3. new immigration
  4. thomas edison
  5. what were the progressives achievments?
  1. a in 1915 the state went dry 5 years before the federal gov tried
  2. b improved the lightbulb and invented 1000 things
  3. c last progressive pres in ww1
  4. d came from Eastern/Southern Europe 25 million
  5. e 1. workers consenpation 2. child labor laws 3. better hospitals 4. DOT

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  1. black soldiers who fought in the West
  2. the destruction of buffalo
  3. created by federal civilservice and ended the spoils system
  4. invented wireless-radio
  5. came form Northern/western Europe

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  1. alaskaworkers refuse to work


  2. Statue of Libertyfrom sc headed the womens rights movement


  3. william howard taft(r) progressive, largest pres ever elected


  4. SC Textile Industrycreated to control the consumption of alcohaul


  5. benjamin ryan tillman(r) 2nd pres to be killed by a man who didnt get a job