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  1. new immigration
  2. Transcontinental Railroad
  3. john d. rockefeller
  4. theodore roosevelt and the rough riders
  5. wright brothers
  1. a created standard oil/first monopoly; worlds first billionaire
  2. b built to connect East and West Coast
  3. c 1st successful airplain
  4. d became heros in short spanish american war
  5. e came from Eastern/Southern Europe 25 million

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  1. in 1915 the state went dry 5 years before the federal gov tried
  2. largest group of unions today
  3. invented the telephone
  4. destructio to cuba led the us to declare war on spain
  5. places where Indians were forced to live by government

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  1. Statue of Libertygiven as a gift from France


  2. andrew carnegiemade fortune in steel/gave most money to charity


  3. yellow journalismwrite lies to sell papers


  4. thomas edisongovernment gave 160 acres of free land if you lived/aproved for 5 years


  5. unionorganization of workers