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  1. Joseph Glidden
  2. AFL-CIO
  3. Statue of Liberty
  4. wiliam mckinley
  5. guam, wake, puerto rico, and the phillipines
  1. a pres in spanish american war, 3rd pres to be killed
  2. b were taken by us for bases at end of spanish american war
  3. c invented barbwire
  4. d given as a gift from France
  5. e largest group of unions today

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  1. in 1915 the state went dry 5 years before the federal gov tried
  2. large company tht has a charter and can issue stock
  3. (r) became president among garfields death who supported civil service reform
  4. came from Eastern/Southern Europe 25 million
  5. made fortune in steel/gave most money to charity

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  1. richard i manningscs most successful progressives gov.


  2. what were the progressives achievments?1. workers consenpation 2. child labor laws 3. better hospitals 4. DOT


  3. SC Textile Industrymajor industry in sc in late 19 and early 20 century


  4. henry fordused moving assembly line to make first affordable car (model-T)


  5. imperialismgain territory beyond your border