Short Answer; Both Sections

What was the true culprit of the plague?
The fleas on the black rats.
What are the 3 types of the plague?
1. Bubonic- most common. (30-50% died)
2. Pneumonic- attacked lungs. (50-80% died)
3.Septicemic- attacked the blood. (100% died)
Who fought in the 100 years war?
France and England.
Who wins the 100 years war?
What caused the 100 years war?
Controversy over succession.
What 2 military innovations came out of the 100 years war?
The longbow and the cannon.
What French maiden saved France?
Joan of Arc.
What legend is Joan of Arc associated with?
The French legend says that a young maiden of Orleans would one day save France.
What does a monk spend most of his waking hours doing?
What are 2 examples of Gothic and Roman architecture?
Gothic- Pointed arches, thinner walls, flying buttresses, stained-glass windows.
Roman- Rounded arches, thick walls, small windows.
What are the 3 stages to becoming a knight?
Page- Squire- Knight
What are the representative bodies in France and England?
France- The Estates General
England- Parliament
What are the houses in Parliament?
House of Lords, House of commons.