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  1. per curiam decision
  2. statutory construction
  3. US attorney
  4. concurring opinions
  5. original jurisdiction
  1. a nom by pres and confirm by senate, serves at president discretion, prosecutes violations of fed law and rep US govt in civil cases
  2. b decision w/o explanation; resolve immead case but have no value as preced
  3. c hear a case 1st usually in a trail; 90% cases begin/end here
  4. d written to support majority decision and also stress a diff const/legal basis for judgment
  5. e jud interp of an act of cong

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  1. pres apptee and 3rd rank office in dept of justice; in charge of appel crt litigation of fed govt
  2. written by justices opposed to all/part of majority's decision
  3. jud philos in which judges make bold policy decisions
  4. jud philos in which judges play minimal policymak roles leaving that duty strictly to the legislatures
  5. assigned to each district crt to protect jud process and serve writs that judges issue

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  1. en bancwith all judges present


  2. appellate jurisdictionhear cases brought to them on appeal from lower courts; review only the legal issues involved


  3. federal magistrates8 yr terms, issue warrants for arrests, determ to hold arrest ppl for action by grand jury and set bail


  4. senatorial courtesy91 federal courts of original jurisdict; only fed courts in which trials are held in which juries may be impaneled


  5. statuteslaws passed by legislatures