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Mass Test 2 (Quiz Questions)

In 1455, the first book Johann Gutenberg printed on a moveable metal type press was a(n)
The commercialization of publishing was brought about by
all of these (in reference to a. agents negotiating the best bottom line, b. houses publishing popular works of fiction, and c. a sluggish economy forcing houses to depend on banks)
Digital books are known as
An advantage of printing on demand is
all of these (in reference to a. the elimination of expensive production and shipping costs, publishers can make money on books that sell only a few hundred copies, special interest books can now be printed that would have been too expensive to publish with the traditional method)
Publishing industry is divided into 3 segments
publishers, distributors, and retailers)
The world's largest educational publisher is
Pearson Publishing
Type style, composition, paper, printing, and binding are the responsibility of which publishing department?
Editors acquire books from the following source
all of these (referring to authors, agents, their own ideas)
The main source of publishing income is
book sales and subsidiary rights
Studies show that book reading is not tied to income or education
The most important form of audience feedback in the book industry comes from
best-seller lists
The paperback boom of the 1880s prompted thte adoption of a new copyright law
After World War II, expanded leisure time and more disposable income made book reading a popular means of recreation
Books are one of the most 'mass' of the media
Advances and acquisition rights are two of the big expenses in publishing
Young adults who read novels also watch the least amount of TV
The first radio station was developed by:
Heindrich Hertz
The idea to sell broadcasting time on the radio for advertising is credited to:
The first network was:
Established by the Radio Act of 1927, the Federal Radio Commission (FRC):
standardized channel designations
Frequency modulation radio (FM) was invented by:
Edwin Howard Armstrong
A characteristic of digital radio broadcasting will be:
all of these (in reference to a. ability to broadcast multiple programs simultaneously, b. static-free signals, and c. compatibility with analog signals
Noncommercial stations are supported by all of the following, except:
listener donations
The person responsible for the sound of the station through music and other material is called the:
program director
Which source of advertising income represents the largest portion of revenue?
local ads
The major company that measures radio audiences is:
Many early radio stations were not owned by broadcasters.
Radio was able to weather the Depression with relatively little hardship.
Radio was not financially affected by the development of television.
Many liberal talk show hosts have been successful in radio.
Clear Channel Communications is the largest radio company in terms of advertising revenue.
The rise of IPods and MP3 players has led to a new form of content called "podcasting."
What happens when a person sees one light source go out while another one close to the original is illuminated is referred to as:
phi phenomenon
The first practical motion picture camera and viewing device was developed by:
Thomas Edison and William Dickson
The Motion Picture Patents Company (MPPC) was formed in order to
restrict moviemaking to just nine companies
The first film that featured sound was:
The Jazz Singer
The film industry fought back against television by:
all of these (as in a. refusing to advertise their films on television, b. withholding old films for showing on television, c. forbidding their stars from appearing on television
The main disadvantage of digital distribution
most theaters are not yet equipped for it due to cost
Which division of the film industry is responsible for supplying prints of films to theaters?
The average shooting schedule for the typical film is:
70 days
Frequent moviegoers are usually all of the following except:
Movie attendance declined drastically throughout World War II.
Cinemascope, Panavision, and Vistavision are credited with saving Hollywood's loss of money to television.
Revenues from the sale and rental of videocassettes and DVDs, and from pay-per-view and premium cable have been greater than revenues from movie theater admissions.
Motion pictures are the most expensive media product to produce.
At some theaters, concession sales represent up to 90 percent of the profits/
The biggest concern facing the motion picture industry is illegal file sharing.
In 1945 there were only eight television stations and 8,000 homes with TVs. How many years did it take for there to be 100 stations and 35 million TV households?
Television's early programming structure was modeled after:
Until 1956, television programming was always broadcast live from New York or filmed in California. By 1960 most programs had switched to tape. What company developed the videotape?
In the __________, television underwent a period now referred to as the golden age of television, with much growth and experimentation including programs such as Ed Sullivan's Toast of the Town, Gunsmoke, and Milton Berle's Texaco Star Theater.
What decade is known for its growing public concern with regard to television programming and its effects?
In the 1960s, network news was praised for its coverage for what events?
the Civil Rights movement
Which of the following statements in not true about the VCR?
it went virtually ignored by the American public
Much happened in the 1990s involving television. What did not?
TiVo reaching 90 percent of the population
All of the following is true about contemporary broadcast television except
audiences continue to grow
Digital television (DTV) has many advantages including:
clearer pictures, improved sound, and ability for several simultaneous programs from a single channel
Big networks are using broadband to offer special-interest content that woldn't be successful on their broadcast channels.
PBS, the Public Broadcasting Service, is a form of commercial television.
When a local station signs a contract to be part of a network, the station becomes an affiliate of that network.
Stations get programming from three types of sources. Which of the following isn't one of them?
network programs (essentially local production, cable networks, syndicated programming all give programming to stations)
What broadcast type has a higher frequency?
All the major television networks are owned by the US government.
Which network division checks network programs to insure that they don't violate law or the network's own guidelines for appropriate content?
the standards division
At the network level, the greatest efforts go into the newscast.
What type of advertiser makes up the largest percentage of television revenues?
local advertisers
Nielsen surveys audiences in all 210 local markets four times a year during the
sweep period
Television viewing is heaviest in the autumn.