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  1. What are the virulence factors of A. pleuropneumoniae
  2. What happens to pregnant sows that get A. pleuropneumonia
  3. What does Histophilus (haemophilus) somni cause
  4. What are haemophilus and similar bacteria strict parasites of
  5. Are there vaccines for A. pleuropneumoniae
  1. a ITEME
  2. b respiatory/genital/CNS
  3. c Yes, bacterins reduce mortality (they don't prevent the dz or decrease severity)
  4. d Capsule: anti-phagocytic
    Endotoxin: thrombi; interlobar edema; damage to vasculature
    Cytokines: macrophage toxins; hemolytic toxins
  5. e septicemia kills fetus

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  1. Culture clinical samples on BA with staph streak
    (after 24-48 hours of incubation, tiny hemolytic colonies appear near staph streak (V-factor is supplied by staph))
  2. H. parasuis - mucosa-> blood ->serosal and synovial surfaces
  3. Oxytetracycline - early treatment important
  4. yes the reduce morbidity, mortality
    (vaccinate only if there is a problem)
  5. septicemia -> attachment to vascular endothelial cells -> platelet aggregation -> coagulation -> thrombosis

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  1. What is H. somni a commensal offever, staggering, knuckling of fetlock, somnolence, circling, blindness, coma, death


  2. What does less acute ITEME causedeath


  3. Where do many normal pigs carry H. parasuisin nasopharynx


  4. What is Taylorella equigenitalis and agent ofnasal cavity


  5. Describe the characteristics of Haemophilus and similar bacteria (actinobacillus, taylorelle equigenitalis)gram neg coccobacilli;; pleomorphic; small colonies