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  1. What type of medium is needed for haemophilis and similar bacteria to grow
  2. What does Peracute ITEME cause
  3. What are signs of A. pleuropneumonia
  4. What diseases do H. parasuis cause
  5. How do you diagnose CEM
  1. a Copious vaginal discharge
    Culture on BA: 3 times in 2 weeks negative culture required to establish freedom from dz
  2. b Respiratory: following SIV infection, pneumonia and death
    Polyserositis and arthritis: GLASSERS DIEASES
  3. c fever, bleeding from nose, mouth (necrotizing vasculitis in lung) ->hemorrhage
  4. d enriched medium
  5. e death

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  1. cattle
  2. Capsule: anti-phagocytic
    Endotoxin: thrombi; interlobar edema; damage to vasculature
    Cytokines: macrophage toxins; hemolytic toxins
  3. Abs protect against homologous types, some cross protection
    Colostrum for piglets
  4. contagious pleuropneumonia of swine
  5. septicemia -> attachment to vascular endothelial cells -> platelet aggregation -> coagulation -> thrombosis

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  1. How do you control H. parasuistest and treat infected bull
    Monitor animals: culture semen, prepuce washing; ELISA


  2. Is A. pleuropneumoniae acuteintrauterine irrigation with chlorohexidine, nitrofurazone, ampicillin or penicilin for 5 days
    parenteral ampicillin or penicillin
    chlorohexidine wash and application of nitrofurazone ointment applied daily till culture negative state


  3. How is ITEME spreadurine splash
    infected semen


  4. What does less acute ITEME causefever, staggering, knuckling of fetlock, somnolence, circling, blindness, coma, death


  5. How do you diagnose H. somniculture blood, brain, spleen, liver, fetal stomach contents, placenta, prepuce washing from untreated cases on BA under 10% CO2