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  1. How do you diagnose H. somni
  2. What does CEM cause in the uterus
  3. What are haemophilus and similar bacteria strict parasites of
  4. What do survivors of A. pleuropneumonia often develop
  5. How is immunity provided against A pleuropneumonia
  1. a culture blood, brain, spleen, liver, fetal stomach contents, placenta, prepuce washing from untreated cases on BA under 10% CO2
  2. b respiatory/genital/CNS
  3. c chronic lesions
    pleuritic adhesions affecting growth
  4. d inflammation, edema, mucopurulent exudate in uterus
  5. e Abs protect against homologous types, some cross protection
    Colostrum for piglets

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  1. ITEME
  2. in nasopharynx
  3. Bacterins (vaccines) help
  4. Copious vaginal discharge
    Culture on BA: 3 times in 2 weeks negative culture required to establish freedom from dz
  5. yes the reduce morbidity, mortality
    (vaccinate only if there is a problem)

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  1. What is H. somni a commensal ofnasal cavity


  2. How is ITEME spreadurine splash
    infected semen


  3. What happens to young pigs that get A. pleuropneumoniasepticemia kills fetus


  4. What does CEM look like in a smeargram negative rods


  5. Describe the characteristics of Haemophilus and similar bacteria (actinobacillus, taylorelle equigenitalis)respiatory/genital/CNS