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  1. What does less acute ITEME cause
  2. How do you control H. somni
  3. What is the pathogenesis for Glassers disease
  4. How do you treat CEM
  5. What predisposes 5-8 week old piglets to Glassers dz
  1. a stress
  2. b H. parasuis - mucosa-> blood ->serosal and synovial surfaces
  3. c intrauterine irrigation with chlorohexidine, nitrofurazone, ampicillin or penicilin for 5 days
    parenteral ampicillin or penicillin
    chlorohexidine wash and application of nitrofurazone ointment applied daily till culture negative state
  4. d fever, staggering, knuckling of fetlock, somnolence, circling, blindness, coma, death
  5. e test and treat infected bull
    Monitor animals: culture semen, prepuce washing; ELISA

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  1. inflammation, edema, mucopurulent exudate in uterus
  2. Capsule: anti-phagocytic
    Endotoxin: thrombi; interlobar edema; damage to vasculature
    Cytokines: macrophage toxins; hemolytic toxins
  3. Screen using kits (ELISA).
    Serum samples are tested for Ab against A. pleuropneumoniae
    In a clean herd, animals should be negative. Introduce only serogically negative animals into the clean herd
  4. gram negative rods
  5. death

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  1. Is A. pleuropneumoniae acutedeath


  2. What does Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae cause in pigscontagious pleuropneumonia of swine


  3. What are signs of A. pleuropneumoniaYes, bacterins reduce mortality (they don't prevent the dz or decrease severity)


  4. What is H. somni a commensal offever, staggering, knuckling of fetlock, somnolence, circling, blindness, coma, death


  5. Describe the characteristics of Haemophilus and similar bacteria (actinobacillus, taylorelle equigenitalis)respiatory/genital/CNS