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  1. Haemophilus and similar bacteria need which growth factors
  2. How do you control H. parasuis
  3. What factors trigger ITEME
  4. Is A. pleuropneumoniae acute
  5. What happens to pregnant sows that get A. pleuropneumonia
  1. a Hemin (X factor) and / or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (V factor)
  2. b endogenous inapparent infection, stress, exhaustion, unknown properties of the bacterium
  3. c yes death with in 24 hours
    Very high mortality in disease free herds
  4. d Bacterins (vaccines) help
  5. e septicemia kills fetus

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  1. yes the reduce morbidity, mortality
    (vaccinate only if there is a problem)
  2. fever, bleeding from nose, mouth (necrotizing vasculitis in lung) ->hemorrhage
  3. stress
  4. septicemia and death
  5. enriched medium

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  1. How do you treat CEMOxytetracycline - early treatment important


  2. What does CEM look like in a smearinflammation, edema, mucopurulent exudate in uterus


  3. What does less acute ITEME causedeath


  4. What does Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae cause in pigscontagious pleuropneumonia of swine


  5. What is Taylorella equigenitalis and agent ofsepticemia -> attachment to vascular endothelial cells -> platelet aggregation -> coagulation -> thrombosis