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Earth Test Review

Part 1
List the layers of the Earth, starting with the outermost layer:
crust=lithosphere, mantle=asthenosphere and mesosphere, core=outer core and inner core
The earth has an inner and outer core. Which is liquid and which is solid?
outer core=liquid, inner core=solid
List the three main layers of Earth and the mass of each layer.
crust=1%, mantle=67%, core=33%
Explain difference between oceanic crust and continental crust
oceanic crust has almost twice as much iron, calcium and magnesium
What was the name given to the Earth when all landmasses were connected into one?
The Earth's lithosphere is divided into pieces called
Tectonic plates
Explain how scientist map the interior of the Earth
By using measurements of Seismic Waves. Seismic waves travel at different speeds through the Earth.
Explain what happens at a "divergent" boundary
Tectonic plates "separate"
Explain what happens at a "transform" boundary:
Tectonic plates "slide" past each other
Explain what happens at a "convergent" boundary:
Tectonic plates "collide"
Using three adjectives, describe the three ways that tectonic plates move:
collide, separate, slide
Explain the process of sea-floor spreading:
new oceanic lithosphere forms as magma rises toward the surface and solidifies (hardens). This happens at the mid-ocean ridges.
What are seismic waves?
waves of energy from earthquakes that travel through earth
Where do most earthquakes occur?
along edges of crustal plates
Explain the difference between surface waves ad body waves:
surface waves travel more slowly and are more destructive