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stimutlates the production of cheaper and more efficiently made goods and services

peaceful trade

during the 1500-1700s countries learned that this was a more reliable way to keep and increase wealth than to risk war


very high fees set on goods that are produced in a rival country

industrial capitalist

made their money by investing in factories, not by trading

middle class

made up of lawyers, doctors, clockmakers, and tailors who worked hard and earned a comfortable living

meeting with friends

an important leisure activity for all classes of people

working poor

concerned with putting food on the table and a roof over the heads of children

poor families

needed whatever children could add to their incomes


served as comfort and community for the working poor

begging and drunkenness

common in the industrial cities fo the 1800s

migration to a new country

a big chance that a family could take in hopes of bettering the life of their family


money or property, especially used to make more money


it is better to invest the capital in starting up some profitable enterprise


Is exporting or importing more important in a mercantilist system

Laissez faire

a policy of "hands off" by the government

social class

what helped to determine how much leisure time a person had

middle class

what class were shopkeepers considered to be a part of

working poor

80% of the population during the 1800s

North America

place in which baseball and basketball originated

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