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  1. torpid
  2. abate
  3. culpable
  4. irresolute
  5. equivocate
  1. a deserving blame or censure
  2. b to reduce in amount, degree, to lessen or diminish
  3. c to use ambigous or unclear expressions to avoid commitment or in order to mislead
  4. d uncertain how to act or proceed, vacillating
  5. e inactive, sluggish, dull

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  1. of keen penetration or discernment, clever, cunning,
  2. untidy, dirty, careless, unkept
  3. trying to make a big impression
  4. extrodiaraly in some way bad, glaring, flagrant
  5. cloudlike, unclear, cloudy, confusing

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  1. recapitulateto review a series of facts, to sum up


  2. dilatorytending to delay or proscrastinate, slow tardy


  3. anathemato reduce in amount, degree, to lessen or diminish


  4. avariceexcessive or instatiable, desire or greed


  5. suppositionsomething that is assumed or taken for granted for without conclusive evidence