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  1. avarice
  2. nebulous
  3. egregious
  4. torpid
  5. pretentious
  1. a trying to make a big impression
  2. b excessive or instatiable, desire or greed
  3. c inactive, sluggish, dull
  4. d cloudlike, unclear, cloudy, confusing
  5. e extrodiaraly in some way bad, glaring, flagrant

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  1. untidy, dirty, careless, unkept
  2. extremely poor
  3. deserving blame or censure
  4. tending to delay or proscrastinate, slow tardy
  5. uncertain how to act or proceed, vacillating

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  1. anathemaa person or thing that is detested or loathed


  2. novicebeginner


  3. equivocateto revive from death or unconciousnness


  4. abateto reduce in amount, degree, to lessen or diminish


  5. resuscitateto use ambigous or unclear expressions to avoid commitment or in order to mislead