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LQ 3 - 6


Glands that secrete hormones into the interstitial fluid are considered to be:

Serous Membranes

The reduction of friction between parietal and viceral surfaces of an internal cavity is the function of what membrane?

Mesenchymal stem cells

The cell that responds to injury by dividing to assist in connective tissue repair are


In what type of secretion is some cytoplasm lost with the product?

interstitial fluid; ductless; ducts

Endocrine glands empty their products into ( ) and are referred to as ( ) glands, while exocrine gland secretions empty into ( ) or onto surfaces.

Supporting Connective Tissue

Damage to a joint cartilage is affecting which type of tissue?


Cells that engulf bacteria or cell debris within loose connective tissue are:

Neutrophils and eosinophils

Two types of microphages inclued:


Epithelial cells that are adapted for absorbtion or secretion usually have ( ) at their free surface.


Epithelial cells exibit

exocrine and endocrine

The pancrease produces what two types of secretion?

A basal lamina

Epithelium is sonnected to underlying connective tissue by what?

Occuding junction

A type of intercellular junction that stpos materials from crossing an epithelium between cells is termed


Cells that store fat are called what?


Epithelia specialized for providing sensations of smell, taste, sight, equilibrium, and hearing are known as:

Gap junction

The junction type that lets neighboring cells exchange small molecules is the:


The serous membrane lining the abdominal cavity.

Tendons; Ligaments

( ) attach skeletal muscles to bones, and ( ) connect one bone to another.


Cartilage is seperated from surrounding tissues by a fibrous:

Apocrine sweat

The ( ) galnds in the axilla become active at the time of puberty.

It increases

What happens to blood flow to the skin when body temperature increases?


T/F - Vitamin D3 formed in the skin funtions in the activation of innominate cells by the lymphatic system.

Vitamin D

An important vitamin that is formed in the skin when it is exposed to sunlight is:


T/F - Vitaligo is an effect of UV radiation


T/F/ The epidermis is an accessory structure of the skin.


Earwax is produced ( ) glands.


The repair of the epidermis after a wound begins as the basal cell produce new:


Glands that discharge an oily secretion into hair follucles are ( ) glands


When hair follicles of the scalp shift from producing terminal hairs to producing club hairs, ( ) occurs.


The layer of the skin that contains the blood vellesl an nerves that are closest to the surface of the skin is the ( ) layer.


Does the integumentary system produce vitamin C?


Variations in hair color reflect differences in the pigment produced by:


Do merocrine sweat glands produce the body odor characteristic of sweating?

Stretch marks occur

What happens when the skin is so extensivly stretched that its elastic limits are exceeded?


Will a surgical incision paralell to the lines of clevage leave relatively little scarring?


The ( ) interactions allow bone to be strong, somewhat flexable, and highly resistant to shattering

External callus

After a fracture of the diaphesis has healed, the thickened region that results is called the


the lining of the medullary cavity is called the:


Where in the body does the production of calcitrol start?


What hormone might be prescribed to an elderly lady with osteoporosis?


( ) cells are located in the inner cellular layer of the periosteum.

Late in life

When in the human life cycle is larger amounts of osteoclast activating factor released?


The most abundant mineral in the human body is:


Fractures that do not break the skin are considered to be.


The narrow passageways that contain cytoplasmic extensions of osteocytes are called.

When long bones have reached their adult length

When is the epiphesial plate replaced by bone?


The large proximal projectin of the femur is called:

Hyaline cartilage

The articular cartilage of a typical longbone is composed of what type of cartilage?


What is an example of an irregular bone?

A reduction in bone mass

What does the contition of osteopenia cause?


A rib is an example of a ( ) bone


Cells that sectere the organic components of the bone matrix are called:


the most abundant type in bone is:

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