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Each piece of evidence that is collected should be placed in a separate container.
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Monica was murdered at a popular dance club. The main suspect in the crime is her cousin Erika. Monica's body was found by another dancer, who immediately yelled for a bouncer. The bouncer realized Monica might be dead and made a 911 call. A medical team arrived, followed by a nearby uniformed police officer, who cordoned off the area. Sometime later, a police detective arrived to investigate the crime. In this scenario, who is the first responder?
Investigator Barnes uses the Kastle-Meyer color test to see if the substance he has found is dried blood. After conducting the test, what color would the sample turn if it is, in fact, blood?Dark pinkUpon examining the skeletal remains of a long-buried victim, Investigator Powell notes that the rib bones recovered were slightly worn and broken at the ends. This leads Investigator Powell to concludethe victim was an older adultSoils refers to natural material from the earth, but not artificial material (like AstroTurf or asphalt).FalseA forensic scientist is first and foremost a scientist.TrueOfficers are not required to read the Miranda rights to any suspect in formal custody before an interrogation.FalseOnce serial numbers are ground off, there is no way to recover them.FalseWhich of the following tasks falls under the responsibility of a forensic scientist?Training officers in how to collect evidenceFinding individual characteristics, like DNA samples or bullets, which belong to a particular object or person is necessary before a case moves to trial.FalseAn investigator takes a photo of a body that included a dropped knife nearby, along with some bloody footprints. What type of photograph is this?Intermediate photographLike other bodily processes, digestion ceases when a person diesTrueHow long do casts of impressions need to sit before they can be analyzed?24 hoursWhat field of forensics do medical coroners work in?Forensic pathologyIn a highly publicized criminal case, the defense requires a testimony regarding the presences of curare, a type of muscle relaxant, found in the tissue of the victim. Which type of forensic scientist would be best able to contribute this type of information?Forensic pathologyThe morphology of a hair sample can tie the hair to a single person.FalseA precipitin test is used to distinguish between animal and human blood.TrueForensic anthropologists are trying to determine the age of a male skeleton that has been uncovered. They conclude that he must have been between 16 and 19 judging by the measurement of histibiaBefore someone is arrested, a suspect is informed of their Miranda rights. Among other things, what did this inform them of?Their right to legal representation/ a lawyerA young woman is found murdered inside her apartment. Investigators collect a long shoestring that had been tied around her neck, as well as three long black hairs noted on the victim's white sweater. Her cell phone is recovered, and on it they listen to a threatening message from an ex-boyfriend. Consulting the doorman in the lobby of her apartment building, investigators also collect surveillance footage of the ex-boyfriend entering with the victim. In this story, which is an example of physical evidence?The three long black hairsThe oldest forensic laboratory in the US was built by whom?Los Angeles Police DepartmentWho is known as the father of toxicology?Mathieu OrfilaDigital forensics are engaged in by companies like Walmart and Target.TrueYou have collected a small amount of soil you believe a suspect left behind in a boot print at a crime scene. What type of sample is this?A questioned sampleColor-blindness is more common in men than women, but it's often carried (and passed on) by women who aren't colorblind themselves. If your father's side of the family has no colorblind people, but you yourself are colorblind, it was inherited through:*not Nuclear DNA.An investigator's analysis of the root of a strand of hair has uncovered little DNA to analyze. They would likely conclude*not the owner over-treated their hairAny wet clothing from a victim should be air-dried before it is packaged.TrueWhich of the following is an example of a physical property?The thickness of glass shards from a crime sceneInvestigators looking into a hit and run find glass shards on the concrete near the victim. As they analyze the glass shards, they find that they are from headlight glass for certain model of passenger van. This finding is an example ofa class characteristicAll crime scene evidence has to be delivered in person to the crime lab.FalseInvestigator Lang arrives at the scene at 1 am Saturday to find the victim's body and concludes that rigor mortis had just begun to set in. Calculating back, what time did the victim most likely die?Between 7 pm and 11 pm Friday nightInvestigators are studying a corpse who died standing up and note dark discoloration on the soles of their feet beginning to become apparent. Based on that information, what time of death might investigators suspect?About 12 hours agoInvestigators discover a body of a hiker in a dense forest. Analysis shows considerable insect activity on and around the body and apparent changes to the victim's abdomen. Which of the following details can you surmise?*not The victim has been dead for over a day.What is used to make a cast of a tool mark?*not All of the above- Resin, Silicone rubber, Plaster of ParisGood scientific analysis can overcome poorly collected evidence.FalseInvestigators are dusting the crime scene for fingerprints but are only finding partial prints. What amount of points do they need to have to be able to compare these partials to a suspect's prints?*not ?150The rough sketches will contain measurements to allow later drawings to be drawn to scale.TrueTeeth and long bones are good indicators of age in children; ribs and joints are better for adults.TrueAt most crime scenes, investigators should expect to find full fingerprints.FalseAt a distance of more than three feet from gun to target, there will generally not be signs of gunpowder on the target.TrueA victim has been shot in their car. Investigators perform a Greiss test around the bullet holes. What are investigators most likely hoping to learn from this test?How far away the bullets were fired