Cell Biology Quiz 3

_________ is the main integral protein found in tissues.

A. Selectins
B. Integrins
C. Catenins
D. Cadherins
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_______ is the major signaling protein between 2 tissue cells. A. ZO B. Integrin C. Catenin - p120 D. PaxilinC________ is the way that fibronectin crosses the cell membrane. A. Active Transport B. Simple Diffusion C. Vesicle Fusion D. UniporterC______ is a cytosolic structural protein found in desmisomes and hemidesmosome. A. Intermediate Filament B. Tubulin C. Microfilament D. CollagenA______ is a transmembrane protein found with occludin in the zona occludens. A. Integrin B. ZO 1& 2 C. Claudin D. CateninC_____ is a bridge adhesion protein that stabilizes microtubules in a flagella. A. JAMs B. Nexin C. Catenin D. VinculinB_______ is the binding protein for a lectin containing protein. A. Selectin B. Integrin C. Integrin D. CAMsA________ is a lipid molecule that can signal apoptoses by flipping to the outside leaflet of the membrane. A. Phosphatidyl choline B. Phosphatidyl ethanolamine C. Sphingomyelin D. Phosphatidyl serineD______ is a protein that blocks myosin from contacting actin in a calcium dependent manner. A. Thymosin B. Tropomyosin C. Kinectin D. TroponinD_______ is a vesicle adhesion protein involve in retrograde movement of a vesicle. A. Dynactin B. Kinectin C. Kinesin D. DyneinA_______ is the most common crosslinking adhesion protein found in the cytosol. A. Laminin B. Actin C. Paxilin D. ActininD