Theater ch 3 test

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the individual sound of your particular voice


the vibrant sound produced when sound waves strike the chambers of the throat, head, nose, and mouth


when sound becomes dull or blocked; occurs when vowel sounds are diverted from the oral cavity into the nasal cavities, cutting down on resonance and leaving the voice flat


the relative highness or lowness of the voice at any given time


variety in pitch which makes the voice musical and interesting


speaking continuously on one level


the relative strength, force, or intensity with which sound is made


the speed at which words are spoken


the selection and pronunciation of words and their combination in speech


the vowel sound in an unstressed syllable that is often pronounced as a soft "uh"


when there is no vibration of the vocal folds


when there is a vibration of the vocal folds


requires using the correct vowel and consonant sounds in words

"illusion of the first time"

one of the secrets of giving a sense of spontaneity and freshness to every performance


International Phonics Alphabet which was created to represent the sounds found in all languages

Plosive consonants

P as in POP............B as in BOB
T as in TAME..........D as in DAME
K as in KICK...........G as in GAME

Lip against lip
Tip of the tongue against upper gum ridge
Back of tongue against soft palate

Fricative consonants

F as in FAN...............................V as in VAN
S as in BUS..............................Z as in BUZZ
SH as in SURE........................ZH as in AZURE
TH as in BREATH............TH as in BREATHE

Upper teeth on lower lip
Front of tongue against upper and lower teeth, which are almost closed
Tip of tongue toward hard palate; teeth almost closed
Tip of tongue against upper teeth

Nasal consonants

M as in MOMMY
NG as in SING
N as in NINE

Mouth closed by lip on lip
Mouth closed by back of tongue on soft palate
Mouth closed by tip of tongue on upper gum


a sudden, sharp breath pressure. Useful in commands, shouts, loud laughter, and screams


when the breath pressure is held steady and the breath is released gradually. Necessary in reading long passages without loss of breath and in building to a dramatic climax

What is the best practice for resonance?

humming with an open, relaxed throat

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