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This is a method of relating how two or more elements or texts are SIMILAR.


This is the main problem in a literary work.


This is a method of relating how two or more elements or texts are DIFFERENT.


This is a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations.


This is a message sent via the internet, from one user's account to another's.


This is placing a value or rank on a piece of writing or speaking.

External Conflict

This is when a character has a problem with another character, nature, society, or fate.


This form of media projects individual pictures onto a screen to produce the illusion of continuous motion.


This is a production element or text feature that is a design for a set of characters. This term includes a typeface,such as Times New Roman, and different sizes and styles.


This is the category or type of literature.

Graphic Adj.

-Depicted or represented with pictures or images. Noun- A picture, image or visual representation of information or an idea.

Graphic Source

This is a visual piece of information.


This is to get a conclusion from the facts or context; to figure out what is being implied by reading between the lines.


This is reading between the lines. It is taking something that you read and putting it together with something that you already know to make sense of what you read.


This is to give information.


This is the global system of interconnected computers and networks used to find the most recent information.


This is the physical arrangement of a text and graphics on a page; and includes such elements as the ratio between graphics and text, the fonts and font sizes used, and the placement of text and graphics in relation to white spaces.

Main Idea

This is the central and most important idea of a reading passage.


This is the main means of mass communication.


A way of communicating information


This is the feeling that an author wants readers to have while reading.

Narrative Text

This tells the events and actions of a story.


This is a publication issued at regular intervals of more than one day.

Person Vs. Environment

This describes the type of conflict that places a character against forces of nature.

Person Vs. Person

This describes the type of conflict when the leading character struggles with his/her physical strength against other characters, animals, or forces of nature.

Person Vs. Self

This describes the type of conflict when the leading character struggles with himself/herself; with his conscience, feelings, or ideas.

Person Vs. Technology

This describes the type of conflict that places a character against scientific advances, machines, robots,etc.


This is to convince.


This is the third major type of literature in addition to drama and prose.

Production Elements

These include font, color, light, audio clips, and camera angles. They enhance media messages.


This is to collect information on a topic and summarize, analyze or interpret it.


This is a telecommunications medium which sends audio and video, usually into individual homes.


This is a group of words which give the reader's first impression and set the tone for the writing.


This is the attitude that an author takes toward the audience, the subject, or a character.


This is an expression of an opinion or standpoint.

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