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gender refers to

the personal traits and social positions that members of a society attach to being female or male

gender is a matter of not just difference but also of differences in

all of the above

do women or men live longer

on average, women outlive men by about five years

female and male athletes over time shows

women have been closing the gap with men in most athletic performances

point of describing gender in the israeli kibbutzim is to show

cultures define gender in different ways

social organization in which males dominate females


social organization in which females dominate males


where is womens social power lowest compared to that of a man


attitudes and activities that a society links to poeple of each sex

gender roles

what courses do men outnumber women

the sciences

what share of todays us women are working for income

60 percent

a majority of us women in which of the following categories are in the labor force

all of the above

glass ceiling

the barrier that prevents women from reaching the top

important exception to male domination of the us workplace

women now own more than 6 million small businesses

which category of us population is true that women do most of the housework

all of the above

in 2007 women in the labor force working full time earned ...... as much as men

78 percent

about what share of our countrys richest people are women

10 percent

as of 2007 women held about what share of seats in congress

16 percent

what nation does the greatest political power of women come closest to that of men


women have served in the us armed forces

since colonial times`

reason to see women as a minority in the us

at every class level women have less income wealth education and power than men do

intersection theory explains that which of the following is a source of social disadvantage

all of the above

where would reduce violence against women the most

the home

what percentage of rapes and attempted rapes does the woman know her attacher

90 percent

most cases of female genital mutilation occur in which of the following places


sexual harassment is an important social issue becasue

half of working women report receiving unwanted sexual attention

structural functional analysis points out that industrialization encourages

growing gender equality

talcott parsons explained that males tend toward...... behavior, while females are more.......

instrumental; expressive

engels claimed that mens desire to control their property brought about

the rise of industry

type of feminism accepts the basic organization of us society but seeks to give women the same rights and opportunities as men

liberal feminism

type of feminism seeks to end patriarchy by eliminating the idea of gender itself

radical feminism

opposition to feminism

directed mostly at socialist and radical feminism

class at new yorks bronx community college explains that

many people have mixed racial and ethnic ancestry

human beings are all

members of a single biological species

race refers to...... considered important by a society; ethnicity refers to.....

biological traits; cultural traits

family moves and gradually loses cultural traditons is modifying their


what is the largest minority category within the us population

people of hispanic descent

in the us minorities typically have less

all of the above

african americans account for what percentage of the us population

12.8 percent

statement about prejudice is true

all of the above

using the social distance scale you can correctly say that us college students today

all of the above

scapegoat theory states that prejudice is created by

frustration among disadvantaged people

authoritarian personality theory states that extreme prejudice is

a trait of certain individuals

conflict theory states that prejudice is

used by powerful people to justify oppressing others

while prejudice is a matter of...... discrimination is a matter of ......

attitude; action

institutional prejudice and discrimination refers to the fact that

bias is built into the operation in social institutions

idea that prejudice and discrimination form a vicious cycle means that

bias is easily continued over time

claim that defining members of some minority as inferior will make them inferior is one application

the thomas theorem

the us is not pluralistic becasue

all of the above

assimilation refers to the pattern by which

minorities gradually adopt patterns of the dominant category

negro leagues is an example of


douglas massey and nancy denton documented which pattern in the us inner cities


killing of people in the darfur region of africa is a recent example of


when europeans arrived in the americas , native americans

had inhabited this land for 30,000 years

native americans gained the right to us citizenship in


american dilemma

the denial of basic rights to african americans by a so called democratic society

what is correct

all of the above

largest category of asian americans in the united states is people of ...... ancestry


which category of the us population is most likely to own and operate a small business

korean americans

hispanic population of the us is

concentrated in the west and also in southern florida

arab americans are a us minority that

all of the above

white ethnics

non-wasps of european ancestry

what world region do most of todays immigrants come

latin america and asia

as a social institution the economy

all of the above

which of the following have brought the greatest changes to the economy

productive technology

which of the following is not one of the technological revolutions that transformed all of social life

the immigration revolution

as societies industrialized a smaller share of the population works in which of the following locations

all of the above

industrial revolution was based on

new sources of energy

the postindustrial economy is defined by

service work and computer technology

what sector of the economy generates raw materials directly from the natural environment

primary sector

turning metals into automobiles is work that falls within the

secondary sector

the primary sector is the largest in

low income nations

expansion of office work marks the growth of the economys

tertiary sector

about what percentage of the labor force perform tertiary sector work

78 percent

global economy

expanding economic activity that moves across national borders

in a capitalist economic system justice amounts to

freedom of the marketplace where a person can follow seft interest

the us is mostly capitalist nation because

the vast majority of productive businesses are privately owned

socialism is an economic system in which there is

all of the above

in a socialist economic system justice amounts to

trying to meet the basic needs of all in a equal manner

political and economic system that combines a mostly market based economy with extensive social welfare programs

welfare capitalism

a country with a mostly private economy and extensive social welfare programs is


state capitalism

privately owned companies cooperate closely with the government

contrasted to socialist economic systems capitalist economic systems typically

generate more economic inequality

capitalist systems emphasize peoples....... while socialist systems emphasize peoples..........

freedom to pursue their self interest; freedom from basic want

over the course of the last century the number of poeple involved in agricultural work

has declined steadily

yesterdays family farms have given way to

corporate agribusinesses

primary labor market

jobs that provide extensive benefits to workers

in recent decades union membership

has declined in the us and other high income nations

which category of the us population is showing the greatest labor force increase in terms of percentage

hispanic women

computers are having which of the following effects on the workplace

all of the above


domination of a market by a few producers

modernization theorists see large corporations as

responsible for the debt crisis in many poor nations

dependency theorists see large corporations as

intensifying global inequality

politics is a social institution that is defined in terms of a society

distribution of power, goals and decision making

max weber defined power as

the ability to achieve desired ends despite resistance

preindustrial societies explained max weber are characterized by having

mostly traditional authority

industrialization increases the importance of which type of authority

traditional authority

the essential difference between power and authority is that

people perceive authority as legitimate rather than coercive

people who attract followers like martin luther king display

charismatic authority

political system in which of single family rules from generation to generation


in max webers view monarchy claims legitimacy based on

traditional authority

political system in which power resides in the hands of the people as a whole


why is the us not a true democracy

both a and b but not c

in 2008 about what percentage of the worlds people lived in countries that can be considered politically free

46 percent

political economy

the interplay of politics and economics

capitalist societies base their claim to democracy on

people having personal liberty

socialist societies base their claim to democracy on

meeting the basic needs of all

totalitarian political system

concentrates power and closely regulates peoples lives

gun lobby is an example of a

special interest group

which of the following statements about political parties in the us is true

national political power tends to swing from one party to the other over time

in the us............ people tend to vote democratic while..... people mostly vote republican

urban; rual

in the 2008 election what percentage of voters went to the pole

63 percent

a pluralist approach to the us political system suggest that

power is widely dispersed throughout society

a power elite approach to the us political system suggests that

an anti democratic bias exists in the capitalist system

a factor encouraging political revolution

all of the above

terrorism refers to

the use or threat of violence as a political strategy by an individual or group

the use of violence of governments often against their own people

state terrorism

which of the following us wars was the most deadly in terms of loss of lives

the war in iraq

about how much annually does the us spend on military

1.2 trillion

the military industrial complex refers to

the close link between the government defense contractors and the militrary

what strategy has kept the peace between the worlds nuclear superpwers


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