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jump from stairs

By the age of 3 a child should be able to ____


By the age of 5-6 years, ___ percent of adult brain weight is present.


When children show a preference for the use of one hand, this illusrates brain ____


A frequent cause of psychological disturbance for children can be ___


Using the largue muscles is referred to as using ___ motor skills.


___ is not known to influence physical development.


__ is not a motor skill.


Controlled scribbling appears at age ___

walking steadily

___ __ is not associated with the preoperational period.


A child's belief that inanimate objects are real and conscious is known as ____


By the time children are ready to enter 1st grade, they have a vocabulary of about ___


McGhee notes that the basis of most children's humor is ___

motor development

Effective use of humor is not credited with stimulating


Montessori's ideas concerning ___ periods are important in planning preschool programs.


Head Start was initiated in the ____

expressive language

When children themselves produce language, the result is called.


The rules of __ describe how to put words together to form sentences.

ESL pullout

When students are removed from class to receive special instruction in English, this is called


3 year old saying "daddy comed home" is an example of ___

bilingual immersion

Children who receive 90% of their instruction in a minority language are in ___ programs.

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