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  1. Orbecche
  2. Theater common in Shakespeare's day
  3. De Witt
  4. Number of sonnets Shakespeare wrote
  5. Christopher Marlowe
  1. a mastered unrhymed iambic pentameter
  2. b a play written by Giraldi Cinthio; revenge tragedy
  3. c The thrust (3/4) stage
  4. d 154
  5. e Dutch tourist who sketched The Swan playhouse

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  1. The Blackfriar
  2. Accession of Elizabeth I
  3. concern for worth of humanity and earthly life
  4. 95 Theses; Martin Luther & Reformation
  5. New Comedy; Menaechmi play

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  1. Edmund Spenserconcern for worth of humanity and earthly life


  2. Shakespeare's date of birth and deathApril 23


  3. Shakespeare's wifeAnn Hathaway


  4. First Folio1st edition of Shakespeare's works


  5. etymology of Renaissancegreat period of revival of classical-based (Greek/Roman) art and learning in Europe