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  1. Characteristics of Seneca's plays
  2. Two popular theaters in England besides The Globe
  3. Christopher Marlowe
  4. Gorbaduc
  5. 1576
  1. a The Rose & The Swan
  2. b mastered unrhymed iambic pentameter
  3. c The Theater; James Burbage
  4. d 5-act structure, interest in supernatural, characters driven by obsessive motives, soliloquies, asides, and confidantes; rhetoric, interest in morality, and scenes of gore & violence
  5. e 1st English tragedy; written by Sackville & Norton

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  1. He spied on English Catholics for the Queen
  2. Tamburlaine - about hero striving for absolute dominance
  3. Fall of Constantinople in 1453, invention of printing press, rise of middle class, merchant princes, and universities
  4. 1st edition of Shakespeare's works
  5. 154

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  1. The Theater was renamed this name; theater Shakespeare is associated withThe Blackfriar


  2. etymology of Renaissancerebirth


  3. humanismconcern for worth of humanity and earthly life


  4. Shakespeare's wifeAnn Hathaway


  5. De WittDutch tourist who sketched The Swan playhouse