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  1. Marlowe died because
  2. A play Marlowe wrote at Oxford
  3. Seneca
  4. 1576
  5. humanism
  1. a concern for worth of humanity and earthly life
  2. b of dagger thrust; ostensibly because of rent dispute, but scholars say Privy Council ordered b/c of charges of atheism, sedition, and homosexuality
  3. c Tamburlaine - about hero striving for absolute dominance
  4. d roman playwright; plays about tragedies
  5. e The Theater; James Burbage

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  1. a play written by Giraldi Cinthio; revenge tragedy
  2. 154
  3. comedy & tragedy
  4. Accession of Elizabeth I
  5. crane

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  1. 3 popular Renaissance universitiesCambridge, Oxford, and Whittenburg


  2. De Wittroman playwright; plays about tragedies


  3. etymology of Renaissancegreat period of revival of classical-based (Greek/Roman) art and learning in Europe


  4. 151795 Theses; Martin Luther & Reformation


  5. INDOOR theater associated with ShakespeareFall of Constantinople in 1453, invention of printing press, rise of middle class, merchant princes, and universities