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  1. Marlowe died because
  2. Christopher Marlowe's job while in college at Oxford
  3. Subject of many ofChristopher Marlowe's plays
  4. Shakespeare's date of birth and death
  5. Orbecche
  1. a He spied on English Catholics for the Queen
  2. b April 23
  3. c Plots about characters that rebel against God or violate the official moral order; questions the harsh consequences of these acts
  4. d a play written by Giraldi Cinthio; revenge tragedy
  5. e of dagger thrust; ostensibly because of rent dispute, but scholars say Privy Council ordered b/c of charges of atheism, sedition, and homosexuality

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  1. Sonnet 26; the more pain, the more pleasure; the more pleasure, the more pain
  2. Accession of Elizabeth I
  3. Shakespeare's home
  4. Tamburlaine - about hero striving for absolute dominance
  5. The Globe

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  1. The Renaissancegreat period of revival of classical-based (Greek/Roman) art and learning in Europe


  2. Theater common in Shakespeare's dayThe thrust (3/4) stage


  3. etymology of Renaissancerebirth


  4. Shakespeare's wifeAnn Hathaway


  5. De WittDutch tourist who sketched The Swan playhouse