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cardiovascular system

connects the muscle and organ through the bodies through extensive vessels that transport blood


blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart


tiny blood vessels that allow the exchange of gas, nutrients, and other molecules in the blood


blood vessels that carry the blood back to the heart


a flap of tissue that prevents the blood from flowing backwards on the way to the heart

lymphatic system

collects and recycles fluids leaked from the cardiovascular system


the liquid portion of the blood

red blood cells

cells that carry oxygen


a condition in which the oxygen carrying ability of the blood is reduced

white blood cells

cells whose primary job is to defend the body


play an important role in clotting

ABO blood group system

the primary blood types are A, B, AB, and O

Rh factor

can lead to fetal death


chambers that receive blood going to the heart


thick walled chambers that pump blood away from the heart

vena cava

2 large veins that collect oxygen poor blood


the largest artery in the body

coronary arteries

carry freshly oxygenated blood to the heart muscle

SA node

the cells that make this up act as the pace maker to the heart

blood pressure

the force exerted by blood as it moves through blood vessels


a series of pressure waves within an artery

heart attack

occurs when an area of the heart muscle stops working


when an area of the brain dies


a muscular tube in the upper throat


the air continues through a passage way for air


a long straight tube in the chest cavity


2 smaller tubes leading to the lungs


clusters of air sacs where gases are exchanged


a powerful muscle spanning the rib cage under the lungs

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