Cell Biology Quiz 4

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______ is a gene expression signaling system that uses a positive feedback mechanism.

A. Autocrine
B. 2-component
C. Endocrine
D. Paracrine
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______ is the master regulator of the cell cycle and apoptosis. A. p211 B. Caspase 3 C. p53 D. BadC_______ is a drug that increases a receptor activity. A. Antagonist B. Taxol C. Kinase D. AgonistD______ is a protein released by a natural killer cell to create a channel in a virally infected cell. A. BCL-2 B. Granzyme B C. Bax D. PerforinD______ is a protein that can block the B-adrenergic receptor. A. TRADD B. GAP C. Arrestin D. ICADC_______ is a colony sensing signalling system used by prokaryotes. A. Quorum Sensing B. 2-component C. Histidine Kinase D. EndocrineA______ is a protein released from the mitochondria during apoptosis. A. Caspase 9 B. APAF-1 C. Badd D. Cytochrome CD_______ is a ubiquitin ligase that targets p53 for discussion. A. RB B. MDM2 C. E2F D. CDK4/6B______ is the term for the cytosolic portions of the TNF Receptor. A. TRADD B. Caspase 8 interaction domains. C. Death Domains D. CADsC_____ is the amino acid in a prokaryotic effector protein. A. Tyrosine B. Aspartate C. Histidine D. SerineB__________ is a trimeric protein that is active in its GTP bound state. A. Raf B. GEF C. G Protein D. GDIC